Feb 2005 

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I will stretch forward a helping hand.

It won't he the beginning, nor the end,

And if by opposite, that which is hate,

Just some subtle time in the lost middle.

If by chance i find love, i will follow it.

For once, i will saunter as if i were young again.

For now, i must prosper by making life long.

May i get some miles davis with that sex and cake.

T.g.i.f. thank goodness it's freaky.

Well yeah, he rules, but he's not the flag on the moon, he's not the ring around saturn, he's not the olive in your martini, i am.

This marshmallow is one for the fire.

The thirty-eighth day of two-thousand five can be washed away with all the others.

One tic-tac, one photograph, half of a pen, and one hockey puck.

What's more daring, telling a lie or telling the truth.

This one's for me.

I decided that i would turn twenty-two today.

What you'll find here is that what's arbitrary becomes standardizes, and what's standardized becomes aribrarty.

Yeah, but i have brand equity.

Don't worry, it's nothing more than just another tally.

How lucky can i be to have my second and third favorite days in the same week, and is it just a coincidence that today happens to be number three.

Bring out the tanks, the fish are going to sea.

Metrosexual skater.

Heads up when i'm down low, heads down when i'm up high.

Rock it like it's hot.

I'm in the hugging business, it's quite lucrative.

Writing is no replacement for friends.

May i please have a little bit of bling bling on the side to go with my pie.

Life is always a special event.

At this point i'm just puttin' the sprinkles on the donut.

I'm doing pretty good, and pretty lazy, and pretty careless about being pretty lazy.

One foil ball, one bifold wallet, three gummy worms, and a whole lot of chicken pox.

Less grrr. more rawr.

All thee in favor, say rawr.

Y'all come back now, ya hear.

If you can't win the argument, try confusion.

We've come full circle.

To grr or to rawr, that is the question.

Falling behind the rocks.

Hey bugsy, is that a seagal over there.