Jan 2005 

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Strike the match.

Giggling blasphemy.


Counting the degrees while all else melts.

Sealing old roots.

Bugsy shocker.


This has been a huck huck rail jelly, but let's spread a lot of powder with that peanut butter.

If that's what you want to call it.

I would hope that my ambition well exceeds my talent, otherwise i will only be limited to how good i am.

This bling's for you.

Since college is supposed to be the best four years of a persons life... i decided to make it five years.

Stength of body vs. strength of mind.

Without reflection what is there to see.

A semester always starts off well, it's the end that can be a problem.

Critique and ridicule this harshly, if all one hears is complements there will be nothing to learn from.

A little time in my happy place.

Hotter than an igloo but cooler than a teepee.

It's not nice to pick on porcupines.

Why ask why when you can ask why not.

You can buy a jug of orange juice that says pulp free, no preservatives, and made from fresh florida oranges, but those are only hints, i'm not believing it until i finish a nice cold glass.

Mr. bugsy, in the ballroom, with the revolver.

Spending cheese.

Bugsy crocker.

It doesn't matter, but neither does how many toes you have, so it's not going to stop me from asking.

Lonely, why wait, grab a sticker.

Pen...check, paper...check, camera...check, inspiration...

Broke like tupperware.

Eat some cheese and love your peas.

Just once would be nice, and i could erase all the tallies.

Four out of five psychiatrists recommend a bugsy over the leading competitor.

Who am i kidding, i've got more skill than a french skillet.

The hideous thing that looks like a rag on my chin that i attempt to describe as a beard gives me character.

My cookie is tougher than your cookie.

I've got more fruit in my basket than there is in the food pyramid.

Keepin' it artificial since nineteen eighty-three.

I'll lay it down like a table cloth.