Dec 2004 

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I'm excited to be alive today.

Here, throw my name in the hat, i'm ready for another day.

Fate is not always in our hands, if ever, and when it is we're sharing with everyone around us, and if there is no consensus then it mine as well not be.

If the night is young that must mean the day is old.

If you had a bugsy what would you spend it on.

This has been the most gooderest day.

In today's society there's all this emphasis on looking good, with hardly any on actually being good.

Don't just find a way around the problem, destroy it.

Christmas trees taste good...especially when they're cookies.

Live and enjoy.

There is more inspiration in daily life than the capacity of the human brain can fathom.

I wear my dork badge every day with pride.

Twinkle, twinkle betegeuse star.

Here little reindeer, come here.

A photograph has infinite power of restoring memories, aww the times we had.

Go get your life on.

Dude you rock like a stone.

I think i ate too much life today.

That's cooler than a slurpee on steroids.

Three squirrels (two brown, one black), an ethernet port, and a note book.

Hmm to be ethical or not that is the question, but it's never been a difficult answer.

Gone rocking.

Ten times sweeter and twenty times more alive.

Here is another voice, another word, one for use to share.

I would rather be in trouble for brutal honesty than for brutal lies.

Sometimes i wonder, and then i wander.

Only a fool turns down a hug.

Here's to the coin flipping boys of the south.

For family, for time, forever.

I can feel i'm growing old, not with my muscles and bones, but with my heart as the scenery changes.

Hey it's that one day again, where the fat man is supposed to come tonight, and the bucks, and something about boxes wrapped in tacky paper, weird, how exciting.

This one's for the family.

Anybody can, but not everbody will.

I think i'm thought.

A jump is only as good as its landing.

In the analogy of life as a magazine...every issue should be a photo issue.

I shall traverse this timeline until it repeats.

Ring in and ring out.