Nov 2004 

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I'm just another kid in the woods, the problem is i'm the only kid in the woods.

The best defense is not how many bombs you have, but how much respect you have.

Time for one big deep breath because i'll be holding it for the next four years, no matter who wins.

Not only must we support the president that we didn't vote for, we must challenge and criticize the president we did vote for.

Baby, you've always been the hottest pepper in my salad.

The dependency state.

Everything is so small from up here, like little poppy seeds.

The mean team.

Women have infinite good qualities, no one woman has them all, but every woman has many.

Once you go bugsy, you never go back.

Work a little more mellow into the painting and it will become a masterpiece.

I ate a kitty once...but then i got hungry.

Baby cakin' lovin' makin'.

Yeah...but i'm a happy little slug about it.

Bugsy rapper, b-rap.

There's a secret garden in every man's heart.

National away message day.

I can hear a booty jingle from a mile away.

Because tomorrow the clock will strike 12 three times.

So this morning when i was drinking orange juice my time machine accidently got switched on, it must have been my alter ego, so i decided to go for a spin back in time, twelve full seconds before i started drinking my orange juice, wow things were different back then.

Excuse me waitress, could i please have a scoop of neopolitan with that steak.

One skittle at a time.

Time is natural advice.

I'm straight like a snake.

People don't get much sharper than a donut in this neck of the woods.

Fell free to look me up anytime, my number is listed under bugsy in the national pimp directory.

You may not be my best friend, but you are my favorite.

You made my day, now i would like to make yours.

Time to winterize.

Little. yellow. different. bugsy.

Don't ever get tired of being you.

There's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.

It's always a good practice to put a few extra hugs in your pocket when getting ready for the day.

My buffer of thanks.

Don't judge by the number of wrongs, but by the number of rights.

You've got a friend in the business, and the business if life.

Now that's one tangerine i'd like to smoke.

I don't care how steep the road is, just how smooth it is.