Oct 2004 

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An exception of game, witha a bullet in my stomach.

People who are afraid of the word ex, are afraid of reality.

Carpe diem...be naked.

Get your eyes off my star.

How can people expect things to be free, when the same people expect to be paid for everything they do. we can't be paid for everything and then expect things to be free.

Rather than watching the people who are being ridiculed, watch the people who are ridiculing, and you'll learn a lot more that way.

Life is like a rubber band, if you don't pull back you've got no potential energy, if you let go then you're going to hurt somebody, and if you pull it back too hard it's going to break.

The broad misconceptions of our reality of society bring us down.

I would love to flatter you with rhymes of wisdom.

This fruit has ben brought to you by good life productions.

How can a vulnerable nation be lead by an invincible president.

While man builds to resist change, nature builds to endure change.

When people don't expect it, it's that much more for the better or the worse.

Make it difficult to satisfy thyself, but make it easy for others to satify thyself.

With all light shun, behind the pink door, lies a pink moon at wisdoms peak...yet, more is to come.

Lately life's been too busy to live.

I didn't know it was possible to have an iq that low.

Life is like a big scratch and sniff sticker, it just takes a few decades to scratch.

Exhaust the mind.

Nap well, play hard.

Maybe if i cut my hair short, put some gel in it, shaved everyday, and shopped at abercrombie and fitch i'd have a girlfriend of six months too.

Patience brings good dessert.

We make the fate of our own dreams by the amount of faith we instill within them.

Sugar cat.

Maybe i'll print it out and tape it to my face so i can be hot all the time.

Romance is out.

When we tell our grandchildren that people used to only have sex with those they married, they'll laugh at us.

There is no such thing as unworthy time.

What is this... a web site, or a web sight.

I know you've got lots of sex lately, but have you gotten any bugsy.

I don't know anything about you, but i decided that i'm going to like you a lot.

More laid back than a recliner.

Let it be good to you.

A reminiscent epiphany.

Everyone gets a dud rocket now and again.

Don't be sad, be glad, you got booty so you should feel fruity.

Most people look at difference as a conflict, rather than looking at it as diversity, an open experience to learn from.

Dreaming with open eyes.

I'm not the hottest cookie on the pan, but i'm the one with the most chocolate chips.

Hmm... which flavor is it going to be tongiht.

You're so hot that when you were born god had to turn the air conditioning up.

I had my own little world once, but i was kicked out, who kicks someone out of their own little world.

Is the lake really wet today?

Because sometimes there is all to be said and that's a lame excuse for a serving.

Do i really want to watch big burly sweaty men fondle and tackle each other for three hours.

Streetlights are a bad excuse for stars.

I'm really tired of wanting and am lacking having.

No matter how long a journey, once the first step is taken, there is no turning back.

I'm just not very kinky when it comes to cereal.

The greatest game.

I'm waiting on an angel, i've already known a few, just not the one.

The swan vs. the ugly duckling...i have no reason to think otherwise.