Sep 2004 

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Do you ever realize that while you're walking an alliagtor could be right behind you and suddenly eat someone else instead and spare your life.

It's difficult to distinguish the difference between a gold fish and a shark when you're wearing ping pong paddles for eye glasses.

Usually when the sun goes down it's because one of your neighbors threw a rock at the moon.

Respect, society, health, rebellion, identity, will power, strength, religion, my wife, and God, that's why.

Sometimes when you take off your right sock a slab of steak falls from the sky.

Love is best when accompanied by patience.

Once you go cute you never go back.

I may have redefined the word whipped.

Let me be the one to put the yay in your day.

My words are opaque, to those who are in love, and vacant to the rest of the sea.

Our society is backwards, some say a guy who wears pink or likes pink is a pansy, but truth says a guy who is afraid of something so simple as a color is the true pansy.

Thank goodness i'm pimp.

Yeah, and sometimes you can even see pluto in the bottom of your glass.

It's not how much you cry, it's how much you laugh inbetween your cries.

Zero one, zero two, zero three, zero four, have we really made that much progress.

It is going to happen to me.

Strength is a prerequisite for change.

Yes, the sky is the limit, but i like at it with an enromous, gigantor, huge, mammoth telescope.

Beauty doesn't come in a so-called type.

I'm just tacular for now.

Wow baby, you're as hot as toast, can i be your butter, so i melt into you.

Wow baby, you're as smooth as butter, can i be your toast, so you melt into me.

The question is...was it the shower, walk, and long nap that made you feel better, or...was it the ladle of sauce.

Ripe, daily.

My passion fruit.

Baby, i get down like a piece of bread in a toaster.

Life is gooood, especially on every today.

A pretty girl, a big bowl of ice cream, and two spoons.

Life is good, not only for what it is, but for what it's becoming.

The general consensus of reasoning for everything that tears us down is either "it's fun" or "it feels good."

I dont' want to make out, making out is for rookies, i want to make love.

I'm a frustrated citizen of the united states of america.

Why quote, when you can write your own.

There's always room for chill-o. c-h-i-l-l-o.

Types are stupid and dumb, there is no limit to beauty, the woman is beautiful in all regards, a type is making a woman's beautiful one-dimensional, and beauty is has so many more dimensions than that.

The sell-out bandit.

I'm good at... vs. i love...

Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.

Pro life doesn't mean anti abortion, pro creation doesn't mean anti evolution.

I got a great deal on a ten dollar bill today, he sold it to me for only thirteen bucks.

How can you let a perfectly good name go to waste.

Some people let their life evolve and some people create their life.

Pink is pimp.

I had a fun time once.

Well...i've got ten toes.

Well that all depends if you spell it p-i-m-p, or if you spell it b-u-g-s-y.

Rolling on quarters.

Through more and more smiles, are more and more frowns.

Toothpicks and tamborines.