May 2003 

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Pore on me in fabrics of rain.

One more phase. the outs and ins.

Ice cream turn downs the spine in hummers and brunettes and one day qaudratics will fly from judaism even though i lost a four point star, but i bet there is more there with a little digging.

Brand new era. shifting gears. changing lanes. picking up forks. change is here.

Will has crossed my mind. generation and generation time will come again. moving lots of love. moving in lots of care. set out to this new day, it's here, it's now, no reason not to live it out.

The sun shines on my back, gracefully, peacefully.

(there's no dailyfruit today.)

Transportation arrives. let's celebrate with a kiss and some pepperjack cheese nachos and one of the best hockey games i've ever seen. and also keep in mind raindrops and sunshine on the screened in porch where the rainbows come down, the squirrels come out, and the fragrance of the grass comes clean.

If apple wants to continue to rock out their designs this is waht they must do before i beat them to it. someone needs to design a laptop that is the same style as the original battleship cases.

Photo day.

Sitting watching the rain.

Smelling tulips and lilacs in the search of honoring truth n' love.

I wake up. i eat cereal. i eat more cereal. and at last i drink the milk.

If you find a catepillar in the road feel free to eat it.

Chipper at the core.

Bakers delight is at first sight, wihout fight (except for the dough) and boom a pie.

We're around the twenty mark. twenty. that's six hundred apples, oranges, grapes, blueberries, raspberries, kiwies, watermelons, bananas, mangos, pears, peaches, and etc.

One place for everyone. anyplace for anyone.

Clocks tick faster than we can count. years go buy faster than we can see. looking around we don't feel the years whisping away. but they do right under our nose. there's dignity in time. things prevail. the lookback time of reminscing. looking over the belchony and dreaming before moving to another stage of life. the belchony of love and the heavens. there's a storm happening over there. it's full of your homes, where your pictures grow, and hearts strengthen. raining down is peace, little wet droplets, before they hit they spring into white doves. bring in the wind. bring in the clouds. bring in that rain. survive this storm. cut through the heat. you're in bliss walking to eternity. wet, cold, and shivering, nothing holds back this smile. bring on the storm.

There goes the money, where go the customers.

Crispity crisp.

One of the great meals of the year, the big 'ol 'q' word. with a little beaver on the side.

Long day and the shutter hasn't even been pressed. click. zoom. rest. sigh.

The real deal of soft, white, black and all. i'm young and fully capable.

100 for 3. it's a gift isn't it. maybe in the middle of all that storm i talk. in all that storm is a little pocket where you can fit perfectly. it's a jello blanket. work hard, volunteer, it'll pay off.

Ramified and meltified.

Poor some water and grow.

For bug hugs.

Never underestimate how well your parents know you.

Snap back to that original style of bliss that filled the shoes and sleeves. it was going on once upon a time. and it still can. swift, sweet, sauve, and smooth.

One night at a time and i can be cured, it's all about an apple a day.

We all remember austin powers and when dr. evil requests from the president in the 70's that he wants one billion dollars. we all think of bill gates and one billion dollars and how much it is. but now...pepsi is giving one billion doallars away to one lucky winner. one thousand millions. i find this absurd. how about instead of making one person filthy rich we make one thousand people rich. or...they could give $500,000 to two thousand people. or how about giving it in chunks of $100,000. that way they could thrill 10,000 people not just one. 100k is a lot of money. it shows how much ridiculus profit they make. making the people who buy poorer and the people who sell it richer. why do they need all that money. $1,000,000,000!!! spread the wealth...c'mon. charity. poverty. education. health. yet they just give it away to one person. sad.

I have no destination. this is the new theory of how to live. that way there is no wrong road, every path is potentially the right one. i have no destination.

Does hype ever reach it's expectations? when there is hype there is falling short.

One can always count on a nice big bowl of ice cream. in matter of fact research shows that one bowl of ice cream every four hours results in pure bliss. but if you have one bowl of mint chip a day it is the equivalent.

The storm is here. cheers. the fresh rain and breeze is enhanced, enchanted, enhappened. enbugsy.

Professional takes.

Driving the limits.

Flippity flip flip. tag.

Grandsome days of high school succeed you.

That was passionate. on fire at the top of my game.