Jun 2003 

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Remember the dates.

The best remedy for health is throwing peanuts at chipmunks.

Keep it clean like caramel and chocolate bananas.



Never underestimate the mighty...never.

Welcome to happy land everybody.

Surfs up but the sixers are far from it.

Quack all over you.

Biking it. fudging it. raining it. how do you say it...aww yes, the island.

Smokin. cake, cake, and cake with a dose of cherry, raspberry, and peach.

You don't have to win to be a champion. tears may be present but there are a lot to have, and even the closest of any rivalry has it short falls and dreams don't always come true, after all it would have been a miracle. by no means was this a short fall...only a great leap as close as it can get to the greastest.

The forthcoming of a new era...at least that's what the pitcher thinks. pitch your own fastball dude.

22.6 miles per gallon is what the ford fleet gets today.

25 miles per gallon is what a 1906 ford model t would get.

So much for the wonders of technology...isn't the idea that we're going somewhere? no wonder why we have such a big problem with pollution. shameful.

One last breath of hope and relief.

It only takes four, and then some. strike a conversation stay up late, share some laughs have one of the greatest nights of your life. parents, family, and friends.

Family ties. making the bonds.

We may not see each other as often as we'd like, and it might not even be once a year. but at least when we get together it al goes down in a very joyous loving, caring, fun family way. slide shows and stories and friends and dinner and great grandchildren in celebration of 80 years for one wonderful lady. blessings for sure. all that we want was all that we had and a little more. now we're talking times of your life.

D calls up.

United fathers.

Connections since baptism and beyond.

Making the trip, pointing the specs, asking for props.

50 cent(s), that's right, bugsy just hooked up with 50 cent(s), make the donation.

The touch of the keys and touch of the soul...how piano and spirit go hand in hand.

Conversation galore in touch with all the dreams, all the all, and more...thank you.

If people had brains made out of ice cream we would have world peace.

Here it is with all the glory,

One, two, three tears of sorry.

The highs and lows come around,

Came around twice and went back once.

Keeping it glorious is the unheard sound.

Sharing the good times all around.

Twisting the twinkie of the nation. squirt.

Then the heat poored on. melt.

At the most chill place with the most chill people.

Held up.

Look in the mirror. look in the sky. ask who's in charge.

The top is beginning to spin in the right direction.

I do need the cream of the crop.

Dawn rolls over the sailors at sea.

Majoring in wasp.

Nobody ever hears the cries,

We're too tied up in the corporate lies,

And if that politician has a red or blue tie.

To love, to peace, the energy which we thrive.

Whenever you go wild there is still a starving child.

I'm eager to see the breaking of dawn tomorrow morning. smiles.

Drop the hint, pick up the lint, look around and play some chimes, i've gotta rid these dimes and pay off my fines, gotta stop it from gettin' to me before i go blind, you say i'm so kind but i know it's a lie, go cry cry cry, and give me the time, i'll write you this line if you back up a few, take along my crew, leave me alone, at home away from the phone, lastnight you got stoned but now it's time to get down, with the spirit, with the soul, a lot different than the one you stole, from the kid who was shot, with the gun somebody else bought, you'd be a fool to say there's a day that goes by when his mother doesn't cry.

You opened up that can of worms...better be ready for the dirt that comes with it, thanks nick.

Hear out my will. hear out my desire. and at least...hear out my heart.

Speak a good word here and there, share a hug here and there...make the world a better place here and there.

This is the day that i succumb to a higher ground.