Apr 2003 

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Where's the ladder?

Freshies in the morning.

Go on goon.

Last season of the game.


One answer is skittles, the second is do i or don't i ask to see.

Elders need to be respected. elders are great tools for us. people do not take time to understand the needs of elders. what it takes to be an elder. what it is to be old. old is knowledge. old is experience. old is feared by most people. why aren't people encouraged by growing older. more opportunities for us. more capabilities. more chances to make a difference in the world. no need to be lonely.

It's the laziest day of the year, that's why i eat peanut butter and jeally beans.


Without thinking in lines of poetry.

In the lines of would you could you even if you had a dog? because in the confines of humanity there is only one would you could you even if you had a bone. so in that sense, does it even really matter...probably not. but give a hug. be patient. there is an opportunity to meet the needs.

Wake up and smell....no no, wake up and taste....no no, wake up and love. enjoy, enjoy.

La la land. a place where i only dream. where my stomach yearns food. and my mouth yearns moisture. water. steak. enthusiasm can't fill every waking moment. of course we talk about this. we try to live about this. but it's no reality. maybe i should consider sublime.

Drive by fruiting.

Hat trick. assist.

Our limits are our own.

You've got a lot of a--.

Stretch. stretch your fears. streatch your body. stretch your hand. stretch out to people.

Baseball caps. every difference possible. do whites and blacks intentionally set themselves apart from each other? who knows. but i was thinking about baseball caps. whites where caps backwards. a lot of them have a large curve on the brim. a lot of them are faded and dirty and ripped. in fact most of them look like these charateristics. yet blacks where baseball claps that are brand new and crisp. even with the tags on them. they where them loose and keep the bill completely straight. they usually where theirs forward with a little cork to one side or the other. they're completely different. ridiculous. props to two kids in my astronomy class. the white kid who wear's the "black cap" and the black kid who where's the "whie cap".

Spread the love. spread the peace. like peanutbutter and jelly. the peanutbutter to stick. and the jelly for flavor. that way it wors out best for everyone. who wouldn't mind a little love and peace that sticks to you and tastes like fruit.

Long distance frisbee multiplied by progress equals getting in bed extra early.

Kittens are great. oh yeah.

A girl. eye contact. smiles. tuesday thursday. red. there seems to be this thing.

I like black.

The kick factor.

G-time dragging on.

It's one thing to make a mistake, it's another to make it again.

There is always more and more. billions times billions time billions. faith in that there is something more to find out. faith in that there is something great. it's in order. it's not chaotic. orderly. intricate and complicated, but not destructive.

Product yellow with a man that knows a thing or two. he's got perspective. an afternoon in a place where this is more variety than i have ever known the first eighteen years of my life. places.

Looking for easter eggs, talking to God, or smoking weed? then again there's all these sporting events. pick and choose. talk to friends. open up with friends. relax. enjoy. ponder. endure. keep going along. so as long as pickles have ripples life is great.

Pickles are veggies and so am i.

Foil balls. foam balls. and lots and lots of sticky notes. so much for a planner.

Cucumber world.

Izzle hizzle ozzle pijizzle.

Ideal politics. political ideals.

A sticker of no remorse, if only she was walking by.

Look for me, there's never been a flaw. make an offer.

Switch, varial, revert, big flip, like store-bought chocolate chip cookies.

A widsom of life.

Cookies through the pond.

This guy is a living legacy.

An ever expanding universe.

Hippy love. despire the clothes, make-up, materialism, body looks, pure. yet ridiculed. love like the hippies. free from everything we're so strictly confined to and don't even realize. don't have to be a hippy to love like one.

Peace where the love walks tenderly.


He who is wise has nine toes. the tenth (which most people have) was lost in a bet. funny how far man goes for a little money, then again you spend some to make some.

Boo ya. because i like it like that. even when elephants fly i'll be walking on the ground looking to the sky.