Mar 2003 

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For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Three hours of hope and love.

Live on. rock on. smile on.

It is to be fruitful. within this is a medicine that can keep us all at hope, at peace. these times of war, these times of triumph, be fruitful. don't be alarmed, love does exists. don't be alarmed, beauty does exist. there is no doubt. there is always hope. and you know're alive.

I'm b.rock and i'm alive.

There's enough beauty for all of us.

Good charms. good vibes. this is a really great way. and there is this secret bird that shares it all with me. flying from the sky to whisper.

Precious ripley. big face drops. beautiful sunsets. and the pondering if they're ever going to fix the lights on the bridge since they are always out of sync.

How much speed can a bugsy handle, if a bugsy had more slope.

The love of corduroy, the need for speed, and wishing the slope was steeper.

P.s. the 900 is back.

Here moosy moosy moosy.

1260...further behind.

One job already down, now another.

At least i've got some of my mom's cookies.

Fullness. sweetness. all wrapped up in the grandeur of things.

What two fruits would you mix.

3 pencils. one eraser. and a whole bunch of paper. in which case, stickers rule.

Playing with fireworks.

Three hundred billion stars times three hundred billion galaxies and what if that is time three hundred billion. this miraculous universe. humans can identify what an object is made of a million light years away, yet they can't stop killing each other.

A blast from the past, like a fearri. so get back in your seat.

Real deal. real meal. spicy hot like a burning sticker.

Line greem.

Jump jump woo woo.

A green day at an already green school.

Evolutionary characteristics of humanity.

So maybe world peace will never exist, it can be quite sad this world we live in, but i'm content to know that inner peace is always capable of existing, and there is always room for more inside.

It's like skipping a stone. ripple after ripple. skip after skip. rock after rock.


Once again i'm in the middle of another peaceful day here in america. peace. what does all this war come to. here is another day that's going to be recorded in every history book ever made from this day forward. at least in america. will they talk about this war with pride as well. well the newscasters shed even a tear this time. will america shed a tear that these innocent people have been striped of their lives, and all their posessions before that. i want to know. what is it like? what's it like to have bombs in your back yard. maybe there would be some understanding if that experience existed. but not for me. freedom kicks in. we can move about freely in this country. my heart is at a standstill. my eyes search around in the hope of an answer. an answr that is skips along the lines of impossible. laying down is easy for most of us. but not for two billion other people in the world. hopefully those people have not been stripped of their wonders of imagination, creativity, dreams, hope, faith, and love. i dream of a day where peace rains across the world.

Get off me you little rat.

Keep your stick on the ice.

Don't play with your cookies at the dinner table.


More is less.

Life is like blueberry pie most of the time, but sometimes it's like blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream on top.

My favorite colors of those little valentine heart candies are green and especially orange.

Wiggle on.

The predeterminations of life. who knows. who. what. where. when why. i'm in the middle of a storm. let's win. if only winning were like losing. snapped and in a bottle of rum.

Doin it for the very first time.

The legalities of advice.

Sex as it should be.

Backup smiles. because you can leave any situation with a smile.

Lil bo bug.

2000 people rushing towards me.

Back to what i can't stand.

Technical. nobody knees me and gets away with it. snap.