Feb 2003 

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Piano is the way to go out.

Star wars with some crystal clear water and piano and sax.

Parents, enough said, not really, they need more respect...times 10 times 3 times 1 billion, +75, and -3 for grounding me.

See he be thee me.

3 a.m. oh boys the world.



Sometimes pizza with shrimp is bessed when dipped in chocolate milk, if not, i would sugget a yooper bar.

A white phenomena.

My respects to craig kelly.


The give-up-payback setback never-wanna-be-a-wannabe syndrome.

Am i a confusing person? do i send mix messages? do i contradict myself? am i a hypocrate? am i misunderstood? do i miss understand? am i trying to live a dream life? am i missing the target in life? am i fake? am i unwanted? am i doing something wrong? am i conceited? am i a jerk? am i the epitome of wrecklessness? am i the laughing stock of the crowd? am i the whiny kid in the corner? do i stand a chance? am i doing ok? ...am i even asking the right questions?

Out and beyond, squint.

Marathon shower.

It's just a rock.

Justin is 20, bugsy is 19.

A fabulous birthday finale. absolute.

Absolute life.

Absolute rock.

Absolute peace.

Absolute enjoy.

I would rather walk in to a challenge than walk away from one.

A bu(g)sy day.

It's a beautiful day to love.

Rock it like a rocket, especially if you're in rapid river.


Afterall...laughter is the best medicine, for physical and emotional pain.

Love is.

A friend is in need of a friend.

Let love prevail, let it all hang loose.

Sometimes chicken bits and turkey places are like a big pancake, you just want to layer on the syrup, at which point aren't solar eclipses amazing?


Don't make me go terry tate on you.


Sweet phursday.

Sometimes i think to myself...what if everyone was a big giant cheez-it.

If life is too easy, maybe you should reconsider how you're living it.

Ancy like an ant, not like a rock.

Every next step is as essential as the last.

Love is like a spinning pizza dough.

Live hard, skip a stone.

Hiccup prevention awareness month.

Masticating equals hiccup prevention.

Six and done for now while picking the weeds.

I'm at home, livin' it for the very first time.