Jan 2003 

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A new day for a new way, horray horray.

Chicken garlic pizza. adults only. tour. clue. chances.

Curling. ice skating. roses. lost puck. sauna. beauty.

87 hours in a vehicle is now over. that means 3.625 full days of my winter break were spent in a car. if you ask about it...yes it was worth it, well worth it.

The year of br.

It's one thing to act bad, it's another thing to be bad, and yes, my name starts with a 'b'.


A gift.

Mind over mattitude.

Either i'm too curious, or people aren't curious enough.

The most segregated time of the week is 10-12am sunday morning.


Jack in the box.


Volvo. bmw. mercedes. saab. mini.

Time to live. time to be. time to see. time to bid.

Every word. every foto. every movement. every kiss. every hug. every bite. every blink. ever time.

Time in time and oooh la la.

Liveth the rock until the day i die.

That's how we like it and that's why.

Pretty girls rule.

Noontimes with alex thaley, it's like a supernova with a blend of mocha and enlightenment.


Pink or blue.

Male or female.

Democrat or republican.

Can absolutely nothing blend?

Why is ambiguity not allowed?

America's black or white policy.

Relieved and ready to bowl.

Love is never mild.

Small potatoes.

It's like chipmunks and daffodils.

We. we filled our lives with glee, no matter what it may be. i once wrote a poem about love, and how it spreads from sea to sea. maybe tonight i'll write a poem, about you being all i see. we never got to sit down for tea, but hot apple cider once, and our hearts were set free. i may not be feeling good, but i learned from you to me. in terms of completely, you and your smiles are lovely.

Set me free and let me ride.

If peace is to good, then war is to ______ .

What's wrong, did your power book cheat on you?

If i was in the press room at the white house, this is what i'd ask president bushy:

Rock n' roll is the way to stroll.

When it rains, we all get wet.

...because the tail doesn't wag the dog

Venture your love on my shoulders.


Ok, on your mark...get set...rock.

Your dialect befuddles me.

The bible is not a science book.

I've got the benjamins, my heads creepy crawlin'.

Beaverton still rests.


Rant about life.

It's just him.

Hum like a bee.

Close is always good, closer a little better, hit the nail on the head. not your thumb.