Dec 2002 

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Two bowls of frosted mini wheats, two lime-mint tic tacs, one crispy chicken sandwich, one twix, one orange cookie, two pringles, one dum-dums sucker, more pringles, a few chocolates, oh and i forgot to mention the ten hours of sitting and snowing.

This much easy.

Give me a p. give me an r. give me a p-r-o-c-r-a-s-t-i-n-a-t-i-o-n.

Late night, ubt...Unofficial Benign Transplant.

Four hours of music is pure 101.

One hour photo.

Snoring is out. drooling is in.

The etc's.


I'll be back.

Fine, i'll be stomach, but you always get to be back, i was stomach last time, it's not fair.

I'm a floppy fish.

Life on a 87.5% flopping disk.

Sick, not sick, just sick. got it?

The end of my third semester.

Can anyone explain iah to me? i don't get it.

Packing up. this in that and that in this, well what about this or that. wow.

The world's largest truch stop.

Friday the 13th, is it such a great day to a venture of thirty hours on a bus?

A busy morning. a loaded bus. the second seat. 54 college students with 54 snowboards. the trip to utah begins. it wasn't long before the booze situation came into play. we weren't even out of michigan.

Settling in...nice roomates, welcome to the zoo.

Now that's a view...oh the moutains, and the rock formations.

Michigan, indiana, illinois, iowa, nebraska, wyoming, and alas utah.

Park city.

Stiry fry.

The season has begun. long runs. burned out legs. lack of snow. ride all day.


Ghetto poof.

Nice spot...sneaky, powder run.

Mac and cheese and garlic bread.

How'd he manage that

The powder run of my life.

Difficulties. feelings of, hmmmm. sigh.

More mac and bread, then a five dollar shake.

I'm gonna go shower.

One last canyon. more hard snow. more hot tubs. a small jib session. nice.

Back to the park. a day in the sun. a super pipe. super pros. astonishing. shaun white. a pro showing in the park. must stay. must return. i shall be a snowboard bum. four more pros, a few sigs. dinner. smiles. one last night.

Departure. what a trip it was. what a memory. the dream of a lifetime. i shall return.

Leaving the zoo.

Well, the long part is out of the way.

Thank you hostesses.

Alas, one more leg.

Continued tiredness.

Explanation...not expectation.


Nice aqua.

Christmas begins.

What a beautiful morning.

Spend christmas with loved ones.

About seventy-seven hours later i make it to my destination..home.

Days of grace and joy.

Be merry.

Merry christmas.

Many blessings, many friends.

From the heart, to the heart.

You can only encourage honesty, not enforce it.

A question is often best answered with a question.

Noon is no time to rise. rise early and conquer you fool.


Perfection. frontside boardslide on curved rail.

Nice slide.

Watch the knee.

180 to 50-50 to 180 out.

Three hour nap.

Engulfed in joy.

My day of relaxation.