Nov 2002 

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Happy november!

The snow shall come soon and we shall all be happy and merry and gay. may the snow cover all the grass, all the sidewalks...may the shovels leave it alone, let it get trampled on, it's fun to walk on snow. i want to see snowbanks above my head, i want to step in snow up to my hips. yes. snow. whoa to snow.

Funk out.

This is my boat. could be worse, or maybe not.

And the sad part is that it probably means no.

Life is a matter of rythm. you inhale and you exhale. everyday. you're receiving and giving. if all you do is receive, or if all you do is give, you're going to end up dead. thanks rev.

Is this a camera? what's that do?

Parents. gramma. a nice dinner. thanks for the muffins.

The annihilation of my message board.

Please forgive me everyone. you too self.

In tact, let me check.

Hey was that a rhinoceros?


Nice letter and picture.

I remember why i like yellow so much.

Earth to all golfballs, calling all golfballs.

Pudding and james bond make a good combination.

My first day being late for class in college. gulp.

Goofy noodle.

A guy crutching in the rain. ha ha ha.


Writing won on one...ironic that our paths crossed into one-ply, and my first jones soda with a photo taker.

Hinn that.

She is so naive it's funny.



Goober noodle.

Scrabble n' popcorn.

Denaturalized sex.

So crisp and so clean.

My first sight of snow this year. 12:40ish a.m.


Stitched fooz.


When i was...beautiful.

She's so materialistic.

You can take his shoes, and i'll take him.

Life, love, and all that lays between.

Nothing gets in the way of love.

For thriving on love, why not talk about it more?

To receive love from one person is enough to return love to the whole world.

For love being the most powerful, beautiful, best thing, why not talk about it more?

Don't eat the last pretzel.


Here comes the bride...

A grand day...the car, the coffee cans, the poem, the families, the photos, the music, the inspiration, the rings, the vows, the smiles, the virgin islands, the dinner, the gifts, the love, joy, cheer and lifetimes of endless happiness.

Magical illuminations. serendipity breaking through the ice, the snow, out of the transpiring skies. melting moments, growing moments, frost me over with the warmth of beauty. massage me. travesty is no match for nature's beauty.

Let's go bowling, and while we're at it take a nice drive.

The wonders of home, and the 2-ply.

Another not so nice drive. but a nice arrival

One semi in ditch, one car in ditch engulfed in 15 foot flames.


And a chicken fajita sandwich.

A few friends. a few wishes. the wonders of 2-ply.

Happy thanksgiving.

Be thankful, i know i am.

Honky doory.

Congrats to zach.

Alas...a victory, it's been a while.