Oct 2002 

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The wind of change is no longer spinning away, it's been a while since this imitation of life changes from misery, i'll stop the world and melt with you if morning glory is never around, i'm losing my religion to an angel and there is always something there to remind me that i got you where i want you, i wish, i wish, mamma i'm coming home because (s)he falls apart like a desert rose, i'm a believer that summer's gone, so now i just want you to join together where as all i want to do is rock, where is my mind?...i'm like a bird and i'll sail away, i'm wishing you were golden like this beautiful day, now there is one less moment to this day, the last resort, i just want to never let you go when everything you want is perfect, this is today.

You don't know what you're missing when the stars go blue, losing hope in bad news or good, i know the nearness of you without me is all in your mind, so come away with me and turn me on cuz' i've got to see you again, but i ain't gonna ask you where are you going, it seems all you want are words in my place, now somewhere out there the long day is over and the only thing you want is standing still in front of your eyes, you know you can't get free of this sweetness.

Educate yourself.

Complement...like the sibling we never had.

Be nice to everyone, you never know who will turn out to be a ninja...thanks adam.

What a man says can easily be repeated, where as what a man's thought cannot.

When all else fails, smile.

Peas are green, and so is the grass.


The dynamix.

Santa could be a redneck too.

You've gotta ask the right questions.

Has anything you've done made your life better?

Stranger than fiction is ronald.

Speed, speed, speed! i think my face feels a little stretched out. but at least i'm still in tact.

Rollin' the eight ball.

Politicians must give encouragement.

Daily fruit?

Looking at one photograph and making assumptions is like looking at one person and making assumptions. you have to take the whole.

Bugsy the seal.

Descrimination...segregation...racism...when will it all blend?

I'm packin' heat tonight at akers goes akoustik.

Lay it on double zero...you're tricky fingers make some nice tunes.

I used up all my spare fingers for the week, the next shipment doesn't come in until monday.

Mr. william stitch.

Another subejct over.

Hey...i'm a photog. wow. let's kick it.

I'd throw peace and love out like candy at the 4th of July parade.

Nick nack patty wack give a dog a bone.

Rck lk thr's n tmrrw.

Dn't knw wht s gng n ths dys. fl lk thr s n plc fr m t tms. th hrdst prt s ll m d tm lst. wh knws wht s t cm f m lv. t pnt shld gv p? t s bt rdcls wht d t mslf. whr d mv frm hr.

The bug-a-thon.

Retainer container.


Thanks viju.

Tactified. lemonified.

It's a lid...to keep the bubbles from jumping out.

Butts kicked...butts spanked...butts kissed...oh well.

Batmobile with the little neon glowing thing-a-ma-bobbers.

Perhaps the goofiest evening.

Some hot apple cider...nice walk...a beautiful evening.

Organizers...lil' books...big books...handmade papers...it's all so...so...nice.

Where's the...?

Cuddly wuddly.

Photo business. rock on.

Oogly boogly!