Sep 2002 

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Seven months and's a beautiful thing.

La la da la dee da woo hee .

Nice day.

And they if they were taken by aliens for human research..hmph.

Wrong place, wrong job, wrong persons.

You dont' have to be convincing if you're telling the truth.

I'm not a poet, and i know it, or else i would show it.

Could i have possilby seen the coolest car in the world?

I'd be flowing, and showing, as soon as i get done mowing the lawn.

Care taker.

360 flip...huge.


More ideas than a brittish spy with binoculars.

I'm floating down the sink, head first, see you monday.

Sometimes bugsy can be mean.

He is a nice guy, but you can have him.

$1.4 billion industry

Skateboard industry...

20 million skateboarders worldwide

16 million skateboarders in the U.S.

Welcome to the ethnocentric america.

300 professional equipment manufacturers

800 public and private skateparks in the U.S.

100,000 professional skatebord decks and 500,000 wheels are produced each month

World peace.

Every nation. every flag. flying high. no nation before or higher than another.


Bugsy hero.

Superstition day.

Awww...look at the cute little guy. he's peaking his head out. he looks cold. he needs a beanie.

Early skate session. new burton jersey...#5. happiness.


Six miles.

The english minority.

The american minority.

An invitation to church.

It just makes sense that way.



How are you a part of the cure?

How are you a part of the problem?


My perception is bugsy.

For fate's sake!


Sportin' da scoobs.

Shank you.

Scoot scoot away with me.

Sportin' da marvs.


The meeting.

Sincere and heartfelt.

And to the well-being of us and all.

When is it my turn.

Judgment day...prosecuted with tears.

And all the food was touching, it was really gross.


Refrigerators are like monkeys, they only work when running.

I like to be sniffed by squirrels.

I'm stuffed like a 1960's lounger chair.