Aug 2002 

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3" hail. rained out. a couple fish. and a good film.

In the knick of time,

Just cuz' i can rhyme,

Doesn't mean i commited a crime.

Love is like chicken...there are a million ways to make it.

Coo coo.

There is nothing in life that's fake.

Give me those nails and hammer. pound pound pound.

Grandpa's proclamation...and a grandson who was inspired to read.

The anti-friction. it's sort of like a good attitude.

Engaged! ka zam!

Oatmeal-butterscotch cookies and a bench for mum.

The last line of work hard worker gone and i'm soon to go.

This time was the big o.

Cool water but an effort to swim.

By the's a black willow...we'll visit it again.

Blair morgan.

Skip skip skip.

The best picnic yet.

A few meteors before the shower.

Hey fool...keep some extra batteries.

Fayette...secluded beach...a little dip...s'mores...and a few laughs.

It has been my sacrifice. i hope to grow from it more as i have so for.

Stand secure and love will follow.

Stand patient and peace will engulf you.

Stand still and comfort will blanket you.

Good enough for the girls i go out with.

B to the u to the g-s-y.

Up the paddle without a creek.

Here fishy, fishy, fishy.

J. w. smalls.

Over and out.

See ya next life.

That way you can kill a billion stones with one bird, or one bird with a billion stones.

Showing the story of my life.

The laughs, the smiles, the tears, the accomplishments, and alas the day where life moves on.

We usually bring two churches to vehicle.

I'm a freak...touch me.

Dreams await me.

Packin' blankets.

Changes of it fear me.

It is time to part from this room.

Feel the love...keep the love.

Feel the peace...keep the peace.


Packin' in.

A guilty regretful deadly comment.

Muscle necks.

The mullen family.

Ok i need a dream book. last night i dreamed of english muffins. what do you think that means in the land of dreams?

I will sacrifice my smiles for tears, to see her smile in cheer.


Outlooks are unknown, but i know how to give love and i can make peace of my surroundings.

Opportunity. acceptance. freedom.

What does it mean to be an american?


132...101...mth...anp...all these choices...all these ideas...where to start...where to end...let's just enjoy it.


Dang...what a movie.

Sorry guys...but the class...umm..yeah...that's how it goes sometimes.

Take a seat in the sink.