Jul 2002 

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Pliers hurt. especially when they fly like a rocket into your _____ .

To infinity...and beyond.

A street dance.

Those who make no time for bugsy.

5000 calories and another cookie.

The bench goers al and shawn...great peeps...great life.

Lots of girls.

Lots of skating.

Kids who are stupid.

A bike behind a parked car.

A roman candle through my favorite shirt.

Most of all...a holiday that has lost its meaning.


Ditched by a good friend.

The kids mom comes here...what a suit happy nation.


And i'm off to saunter the world and to blow minds.

Life is life...and nobody is going to take me down.

Down poor. forgetting some supplies. as usual.

All i ask for is the radio.

More complaints about not wanting to be a supervisor when she doesn't have to be.

Rhyme and rhythm.

Whines about us ganging up on her.

To skate.

The andy reunion. much down to earthness with a pure fellow in a pure night.

This is the written day

Boom boom, hip hop horray.

You too will have to learn

And to whom it may concern

Now ya got a nation to render

So back snap and a crack away

Something nobody can take away

It no longer matters if it rhymes

I know just the right message sender

Jammin' to the new music of the sound

We got the whole generation thang down

Tonight we be livin' for the golden times

To all the ladies lets have a few marmaladies

All of my being anxious.

The turning point of summer.

Ninety roll.

For all the love in the world.

For all the hate in the world.

Pointless work and a humorous ticket. sometimes it's good to be the lowest importance.

Monopoly. steak. introductions. walk through the park.

My summer dream, in a club, a house of dreams, a house of love.

Midnight swim. rain. willow tree. s'mores. skate park. roasting. fire. boat ride. katie's. grocery store. kittens.


Blt's. blue harron. pancakes. a walk through the park.

Nightmare...note to self...never treat a person in such a way.

If only i stuck to my guns.

The courage of a pregnant teenager.

A day without supervision and rookies on the job.

The new guy.

Fire. film. freezing.

Seek advice. seek knowledge. seek education.

On the otter river at age 2, born out there, the 30 year $2,000 grant, no breaks.

Lickity split.

Go to the wise.

Dream dream...even if its not what it seems.

Move move...whatever it is you have to prove.

Drive drive...no matter what it takes to thrive.

Think think...about all those things on the brink.

Choose choose...while looking at what you may lose.

Ask questions before the problem starts...because it seems that the only time we raise questions is after the fact.

There are certain things all men and women should do. we should all spend lots of time writing, may it be a journal or a letter. we should all spend adequate time in nature...where headlights can not be shun, where no building can be seen, where no highway can be heard. places like these are decreasing in number. we should all spend enough time alone. we should all get away from society from time to time. we should all take the time to preserver our nature...it's fading fast.

Where are you going?

Leap of faith and deep deep clay.

Thunder and out of the water.