Jun 2002 

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A little hard work will pay off.

Missing my obligations.


Joke of the day.

Phone call.

Pine trees are rather difficult to pull out of mudd. keep that in mind. have a rope, a hand saw, a chainsaw, and some good water readily available.

Bug bite for bug dope.

Let's bounce.

The breaking point of all time.


Back to work.

Cookies, alas.

A long tough day at work.

Detroit red wings! 2002 stanley cup champions! the greatest game on earth. perhaps hockey is still my greatest passion, why did i hang up the skates?

I think of love.

Join the service for the heck of it. it'll do you good.

You have to plant the seed, you can't just throw it at the ground.

It's not the answers that are given. it's the questions that are posed.

You have a girlfriend?

With a nice sarcastic doubtful tone.

Like chocolate baby.

He's not the hungriest cow in the herd.


Sick...like bug dope.

Happy birthday to the greatest mom on earth.

Kitty jumps out of the trunk.

12:14 a.m.

Talking...the medicine of life.

To some, life is only a matter of acquisition.

It's all about the balance and attitude baby, the balance and attitude.

Faith prevails along ancicent roman roads there are hiku poems written along the great wall and on again you have touched my all from leaning towers to golden bridges here we are now, no further than the first days of love.

No thing or nobody is going to ruin my day.

So many people have dreams. so few people have motives behind their dreams.

The writtings are not great, but a way to formulate ideas, thoughts, and opinions.

Quintessential bugsy.

Another particular freedom.

New photos. dentist. and a few cards. well spent.

This time i'll need some red socks.

Groceries. laundry. dishes. feed cats.