May 2002 

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It's almost like camp. goodbyes. hugs. eager for next year to begin. though it will feel nice to return home.

Completion of my freshman year in college.


To the airport. a first. a cookie. some smiles. hugs. memories. a detour back.

The long drive.

Boredom. back home. what to do. this bedroom means much to me. my entire inspiration for years. my love. all of the value in this room. everything this room stands for. the freedoms, comforts, enjoyments. not many memories took place in the room itself like i intended. but without the room, there would be little love and originality. it is now a place to store all of these intimate times.

The most anticipated day of my life in a long long time. around 1.5 years since i've seen her.

The letter that never got sent.

My life is almost fully documented in the last five years.


The first time i touched, and the response, e-mail july 1999.

Saddened. i tell people i want to get PhD. some of those i tell say, what about the money to go to school? once again money becomes a larger issue than education. this is backwards people! america is greatly dealing with this issue. we put money in front of education! sad!

The great irony of america. there is much stress of being an individual, being yourself. yet at the same time this is layered by thousands of images of image, what to be, what's hip what's not, how to act, how to walk. and when we see individuals they are often laughed at and mocked. interesting how people want to be their own, yet they stick the stereotypes and to the things are are 'in'.

The newby is coming!

The most beautiful girl. the one i see in my dreams. the one i imagine when i close my eyes.

Go wings.

A photo to be examined.

The familiar oil smell is in my mind.

Back to the dealership.

Moving up the chain.

The bitter cold...the cheering...the fun!

I feel young...look good...go back to memories...find new lost with old feelings...but i'll make an effort to dance.

The patience. the living. the moving on. today i learn more about love. from a simple biography. a true story. and after years of divorce love has still grown becuase it was true. and all was well. they shall live happily ever after.

New pictures. new ways to represent. ideas that may not be duplicated. original.

The failure of being an excellent friend. times of chaos have brought me short.

Skating until i can no longer walk...and i'll bleed if i have to.

A beautiful drive...while getting paid...and what a trip for a photo shoot. the bridges are marvelous.

B-o-b, simply rocking.

Wing nuts don't lose confidence.

Growing children and fading memories, a little more to life, and a lot more to live, by the time i'm old several things will change, but as for now it's all going swell.

8 @ f32...i have my fingers crossed.

A new job begins. whoo.

May all my loves put enjoyment, laughter, and smiles in my life. a great thing to look for in a relationship is enjoying life together, it's more powerful that way.

One more victory to go.

Essence of nature.

The needed victory.

Thank you for the phone call.