Apr 2002 

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April fools!

But this is reality...

America...highest rate of STD's

America...highest pollution rate

America...$1 billion porn industry

America...highest rate of crime and homicides

America...the world's "leading" country...let's see some of it

America...most wasteful people of food, money, time, and many other things.

America...one of the worst educators of developed countries between 8th and 12th grade

White, male, middle-class, is NOT a beautiful thing to be.

Growing up in a capitalistic nation is not a good thing. we are raised to compete. we are wrong in our decisions, and not only this country. we must NOT be in competition with other countries. our competition is not to be #1 between countries. our opponent is survival. we are all a team, each nation together. without it, our survival rate plummets.

What is with racism? we are not multiple races. we are all 99.9% identical, male to female, black to white. we are one race...we are the human race.

The American dream has changed. no longer is the dream about freedom. for us citizes born and raised in the U.S. the dream has become greed, wealth, and fame. It is time for us to change our goals, standards, and outlooks.

Challenge me with questions.

Get educated, then go educate!

Education. the single possibility with the most solutions and results.

I get the ftp regulation shaft.

Seth's wife.

Professor mody.

Tc 100 notes for the the day.

Quick quick...where's bugsy, it's raining!

Tc 100 goals: stay awake, stay alert, learn...and no doodling!

Should i work...or should i play?

175...my highest yet.

Breakdown city.

Kickin' it in the sun, baby!

America's people need to speak up.

How many people are actually pleased with US government?

Why is it that the upper 1% runs the nation: rich, white, males?

400,000 babies born per day.

15,000 people will die from cancer.

10,000 children will die from diarrhea.

10,000 people will die a violent death.

140,000 people die each day in the world.

America wastes 43% of its energy/resources.

30,000 of these are children dying by age 5.

Every second the worlds population grows by 3 people.

Developed countries (20% of the population) use 90% of the world's resources.

It took over 10,000 years for the world population to hit 1 billion in 1800, and in the last 200 years it has grown 5 billion.

Adulthood...it is on the way.

Over 3.2 billion people in the world make less than $2 per day.

The worlds 15 richest people make more than 550 million africans.

America's homicide rate is 4 times higher than europe's, and seven times higher than japans.

American children see approximately 200,000 images of violence by 18 years old, and 16,000 images of murder.

Children have the vision of wanting to know everything about the world. yet, at the same time adults neglect and are ignorant of what's actually going on in the world. it is time to take a lesson from children. be eager of the world.

Lots and lots of rest. but it's ok.

Earth day! start cleaning up this mess!

Peace in the middle east, yo'.

A friend told me that, "some people wait their entire lives for their moment to shine, but you've been shining for your entire life." a wise and very true statement. people should realize how much they have to offer. People should realize how beautiful they are.

Africa is a ticking time bomb.

Ethiopia has one dentist for every 3 million people.

Every second of every day the equivalent size of one football field is destroyed in the rain forest.

The united states is 4.5% of the world's population, yet we use 25% of the world's resources...greedy!

All of the world's rain forest is about the size of the united states, and we lose about the size of virginia each year.

America needs to admit to a lot of the problems that exist here!

The first step in any problem is to admit the problem exists....

14 billion catalogs

2 billion disposable razors

18 million disposable diapers

38 billion pieces of junk mail

Enough tires to circle the earth three times

2.5 miller non-deposit plastic bottles per hour

Last year in the US alone people went through...

The avererage person throws 4.5 pounds of waste away per day

The irony: humans are the most intellegent species on earth, the most brain power. yet we're the only species that knowingly destroys our own environment.

Rather than a supreme education facility...universities are ran as a business. universities want sports and a good reputation. they want money for departments and research. much more concerned with themselves than they are educating the students.

We are human beings, another species in nature. we cannot win. nature is powerful. people need to know that we cannot control nature.

Concerned. it is pathetic how far you can make it in this nation while being highly ignorant. people only want to learn what they need to know to get the job done. one of the worst attitudes is passing an issue becuase it doesn't affect you. education cannot stop at any age. education must always be advancing in everyone's life. we must learn what is going on. not just in the news. i'm bothered by how passive, how easily passive, people are, and how far you can make it when being passive.

Devon. jeff. robin. aimee. hiro.