Mar 2002 

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Eight hours later...

Let's make the most of it.

Thanks for the tie.

Props to many good people.


For sure baby.

Each block floating unit has the same word length and scale factor, reflecting the psychoacoustic similarity of the grouped frequencies.

Cool ice stuff man.

Go for broke...180 > 900.

Thanks for everything mont ripley.

Pow pow! bring it on! 17 inches of freshies! 17 inches of powder! the white stuff, snow...woo hoo!

Back to good.

...let's stop at a motel. in the snowbanks...vehicles flipped...flat tire...

Twenty hours later...we made it.

Hunger to love.

I'm only human remember.

Back, snap, and a crack away.

Do it all.

Poetic bliss.

Beemer creamer.


Do you think i would make a good president?


All this beauty, everywhere. i'm enjoying these facial expressions. the pure delight. the feeling is great...i wonder if i will ever be able to take some pictures.

Sport ____.

I laugh. i cry. i bleed. i ____.

Much love to ernie and alice. i've enjoyed your great lives together. thank you. amen.

At all went down! 4 years since i've last played i'm back at it again. i'm stoked to say the least...and out of breath, i better get in shape. it is fun. i miss a lot of the good memories and feelings from hockey. i hope it all goes well. lastnight was fantastic. to get back out on the ice after all this time brought a lot to me. thanks to pat for e-mailing me. hockey...rock on! greatest sport of all!

This box is deep to society. easy for them to see. despite how high we feel...we see the least.

Weekend of elation.

Weekend of wonders.

Weekend of pondering.

Weekend of sauntering.

I want to make a movie of old people. we need to see this most intriguing life.

Nuttin' but a bug.


Can you turn my alarm off.

Daisaku ikeda.

Mohandas k. gandhi.

New york, new york.

Martin luther king jr.

Sleep well. live well. enjoy.

Happy easter...for he who rises.

It's not about what i want to be. it's more about what i want to do, and finding the best way to get there.