Feb 2002 

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He's here.

Crystal trees.



What do you think about when you go to bed? do you smile when you wake up? where do you think about life most? who is your favorite person to talk about life with? what was the most beautiful thing you saw/thought/experienced/heard in the last week or so? do you like to dance outside? do you like to walk? do you prefer the scenic route? what makes you smile? who makes you smile? how do you like to make people smile? how would you make me smile? what are you going to do tomorrow that defies you? what are you doing to do tomorrow as an enjoyment of life?

Desire fills the time.

The world is large...there is much outside of the U.S. go find some goodness.

I want real human moments.

Say yah to da U.P., eh!

The giant will always be attacked...and it's something we chose.

Happy birthday bro.

The 10th of february tends to be a good day.

Beginning of a day 'til the dawn of the next.

A lack of sleep. worthwhile. fresh and sweet. enjoyable. soft. wow. been a while. now. soon.

Yo people...wake up. democracy...what's happening. what's wit' the big CEO's ruling this country?

Surprisingly virgin.

Love love love.

May your day be great. give some love, give some more.

Many differences...but i will overlook them.

I love squirrels.

Family, belonging, a home for all.

You have so much potential and you know it

My window to the world.

Today is all you've got.

You can't make your own rules...especially of life.

Tickle some love.

Do something new!

A seven set! you crazy kid! that is gnarly. nice gap by the way.

With all it contains, in full, with both sides, even with the shame, the brokeness, and greif...is love the greatest thing? is it the next thing on the list to believe...for those who don't? will it truly satisfy if you're in love with something that's not true? love is great, but you might need an extra point.

I can taste your inquiries...ask now...ask later. this it what brings us together.

A hairy chest, fried onions in my desk drawer, and pop goes the weasel.

Must get out of this white middle class box! step far away from my own box! step far away from your own box!

Q: what do you want out of life?

A: i guess i want what everybody wants, to lift my leg and leave me mark on the world.

For the first time in my life i'm living for the moment, because these are the best moments i've ever lived.