Jan 2002 

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Getting brighter.

Broken bottle...blood..whoa!

I'm doubtful that people would say the same.

Thanks bob ...for everything.

There are hundreds of examples out there, stories to follow, examples of life, peices of the puzzle. so many people are ignorant to a helpful world. it is never too late to change, to grow, to mature, strive for something new and fresh, you don't need to be working at a donut shop, do what you want...you only live once. as hard as it may seem it is happiness that makes the points.

Five months ago just another boy... and today an intellegent wise man.


I read a little quote...it was talking about making progress in life...it tells us not to look ahead in life, but to look around. good point.

Eat some donuts.

Spread the...uh..ummm....wealth. it all comes down to a few genes...whoop-dee-doo.

One of the most difficult things in life: ...determining where to put a sticker. something you can only use once, but you want to put it in a place that will be seen, and won't get throw out or damaged. it's a delicate decision.

Some kids people. yup.

Romance...truth in love.

Every day is beautiful.

Spread the wealth.

There's a certain fascination that always takes place. but it doesn't necessarily have meaning. not everything has a meaning. people are always looking into art with meaning. well guess what? ...there is mayonnaise in the fridge. it is what you make of it, not what they wrote. you're the one writing your life, not others.

What used to be known as spirituality may no longer be the case.

You learn through people. it is crucial to spend time, connect, bond, and respect those of another sphere. through this comes more truth, something we're all on a level search for.

Beautiful skin.

Sometimes you may step out of your way, experience something new, something strange, something that will never be again...make the most of it.

No rights, no wrongs.

Early morning...it doesn't take long to touch.

And right when you fall and think you need a break, that is the time to get up and rock again. 540.

What's the story morning glory?


Whatever the situation may be...make the most of it...you're able...there is always bliss.

Take a moment to smell the flowers.

Yeah...it happens.

Let's wrestle. is he foreign? is she married? etc.

Sometimes people look around with this confusion...just smile.

One for all...all for none.

Hey...go play in the snow! it's worth it.

320 calories. 32 grams of fat. ...but it tastes great.