Jan 2013 

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A new sequence begins.

My apartment just doubled in size.

You find it when you find the child inside you and the child inside them.

Make up for the lame.

It's not my thinking that makes it so, it's your doing.

This tire ain't skinny.

I can go faster than this.

Stimulate my neurons baby.

The best I ever had, sorry it's not true for you.

The white mamba.

I finish the day a bigger man than I started.

Absorption mode.

A large serious cloud is beginning to form over the city.

I mean it's serious, really friggin' serious, but not like, serious. I'm serious.

Cuz' I'm squirrely, so I like all nuts, all the time.

Sometimes I'm in a creating mood, sometimes I'm in an absorption mood, sometimes I'm in the sweet spot in the middle.

As I sweetly go to sleep, I pray, and dream, and cross my fingers, and wish upon a falling star that this conversation continues tomorrow.

Hit with the awkward schtick.

Out with the new, in with the old.

With my newly acquired lack of responsibility...

Love happened to me.

High stakes Yahtzee.

Dirty thirty percent.

Thou shalt love snow.

After all, I ask the coolest questions.

Once that door opens, I run straight in.

It's hard to take anything to the grave.

Online, people love me.

If I posted this online it would be self-defeating.

First impressions are the easiest.

Close those pretty little eyes and get cozy.

The rock has grown faster than my strength.

I am a steroid.

I'm a man of few words, or at least tiny ones.

Flaid or plannel, whichever you call it, flannel plaid is the best plaid.

Because for everything I held back in my twenties, I intend to reverse in my thirties.

Bow out and carry on.

It's not a matter of mattering.

When will the dreams stop happening?

The best idea is the idea that's executed.

Keep calm and Bugsy on.

Cat gets cream.

When love unravels.

Year of the snake starts now.

It's like a zamboni on my face.

Stay magical.

He wishes he didn't have to.

Wherever he goes, they'll know.

Climb that ladder, boy, climb that latter!

If I was your world.

All the works of loyalty are in play.