Oct 2003 

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Bring me home, lord, bring me home...where i can hear canon in d major.

Red temptation.

The ins and outs of the milestones of love.

Roll with it.

The night is young like a song unsung. ...better get singing.

Blissfully clean.

It's just more fun to rawr.

Rock on (or rawr on) you guitar playin' beauty.

A lucky jule.

- - - - block j.

Raw awe.

Rawr therapy.

Just alright.

Don't be sorry, just understand.

Sweet to the heart with a touch of mint.

Grateful red.


Congratulations on inspiring my greatest journal.

Peace is chocolate, especially after twenty four months of fruit in my pocket.

I miss her british slang.

Peace rolls by on two, sweeping away the noise.

Yank, yank, yank, yank, there goes all my wisdom.

The richness of lives.


Here chippy, chippy, chippy.

The nerve endings.

If only i had kissed her, my heart wouldn't have blistered.

Rocking and rawring.

One big gosh darn wow.

My beautifully beautiful beauty.

Have you written in your journal today?

Feel more, see more, do more, be more, live more.

Will you be me punkette? my rockette? my rawrette?

Lingering bliss.

Sex and cake.

One year stitched.

No doubt that i'm right here and bleeding, it's my turn to feed the worlds root and give my blood to make the world grow.


My mp12.


There's a jule in my room.

Flustered by affection, affection, affection.

Frontin' like hercules, meltin' like mercury.

Because life is like rawr.


They call me ditch.

Cake is out and jello is in.

Life is good, but sometimes there's a hair in your soup.

At least there's this when at most there's...

An entity, you can't close an open universe.

Put it all on the table, i can pick and choose from there.

Just an average man...with a twist.

Love laughs at the face of adversity.

Happy halloweiner.

3700 words later.