Sep 2003 

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White skin commodity.

Phat, oops, i mean fat.

Endorsing a negative attitude.

Doom all the way through.


One the way to red.

Let me be sad. let me frown. let me cry. let my love.

The withering spool.

Saturday socks.

Skating the roots.

Rolling on four strong and bowling all night long.

I won't give up, i won't give in, i'll only give love, give love the way i live.

Favorite meals are washed out with the flavor of love in my heart. love's taste weighs into the equation. they're tearing out the stitches before the wound heals.

Remembering the acorns.

Skating my tears away.

Socialized sin and socialized virtue.

Thank you mom.

A kiss that tastes like the first scoop of ice cream in your mouth.

Hey hey angelfire.

Gallivanting amorously.

The morning sun warms as it gets higher in the sky. yet the air is still cool from the night. it's a sensation, a bliss. going to bed, and your lover is already there waiting for you, her naked body is already warm pressed up to your skin. it's like the morning, when the window has been left open during the winter, and the blankets have a soft cool touch, or that of a spring morning, and you cuddle beside your nude lover, who's skin is soft silk, and her voice whispering in your ear like the breeze, and your skin shimmers. stepping out of a shower. putting on a sweater and beani

Body dripping with sweat, dripping on notes, beads of it running down my body. hardly able to move, echos in my mind, very very heavy, barely able to walk.

The big booya fooya.

It became a commodity.

Not even why, but how would we forget, we're not stupid.

I have this life of my own, it exists out side of michigan state university, it exists out side of michigan, it exists outside of the united states of america. these are just the settings of my life, but there are other factors that determine the integrity of my character.

Granted like the pin on your chest, grant did sike the sin up on your quest.

Fruitful affections...outdoors in the sun with a loved one. spring time jitters were able to let go as the bikinis came out and the boogy down was great. of course the music was wonderful as well.

I got rammed.

Yellow and gray saturdays.

Convenience, like electrical can openers.

I got xp'd.

She waits for my heart to dry, but i turn around and it is raining.

Hanging like a life.

I'll see you again, but not yet, not yet.

I didn't say it was so because i didn't want to jinx the reality of wanting you the rest of my life, but in the every day sense of it all it's being in love. it's hard to go back when everything was just what you wanted.

It's kind of dark.

As if i'm a drunk or a druggie.

Let this leaf fall into your hand.

Devote my life, for better or for worse.

Even after being broken i'll keep the pieces.

Let's talk love, like children at the playground.

Nothing more amazing than coming to her at night. as long as i'm in her arms at night.

Sweetie. every second of the day. it's the waking moment and the sleeping moment. in my heart there's a little place taht's never forgotten. it comes with me every walk of life. everywhere. let's go back to the days when it was the complete opposite. it was still there, but there in full, there in bliss and there in love.

Roasted squirrel for dinner, yum.

Missing all the things to share share share

Those little red itchy feelings in the heart.

In awe of my own feelings in a way i've never known.

When you put peanutbutter on a cracker does that make it a peanutbutter cracker or peanutbutter on a cracker?


My love is like rawr.

An ordinary guy, but with passion.

The verge of tears for days, silent tears.

Strong and long.

Quit giraffin' dawg.

All the same places, all the same time. one here one there. camping out.

Not in my place.

2 slow 2 delirious.

To hell with that dog food.

Sweet talk, an ever sweeter walk.

Sauntering in the stars.

Taking some time and thought to devote each day.

That sort of rising sun afternoon at noon with the morning breeze.

Without love you cannot live, with love you cannot die. without love you cannot cry and you live a lie, with love you cry sometimes, and tell a lie time to time.

Wow balls.

Captivate me.

It's not writing, it's thinking.

Is it even called heartbreak when it's this rich and clean.


K's hip hop parade.

Walked out on like i was the fad of the day.

Sweet voice and an invitation.

Then one is two when none is you.

When the effort's made.

A hole, a short pile of sticks, that must make me the jerk.

That's the only way i roll, i put this webpage on dubs yo'.

Why were you thinking of me...did you step on a bug or something.

My ode. a passion which i cannot encompass. against the likings of my grain.

The four f's: family, fall, food, and football.

Our love was broken in, we're still very much intertwined.

We love.

With our hearts would do. out to thee.

For the sake of our hearts sleeping together, not our bodies. and they will untangle themselves as we hold each other, like the dream i had lastnight, it'll be like find a place for us in the fields of love. we touched, as one more night

Spend my love, replenish it.

You can find me at home in a blanket, under the blanket cuddling in love.


This is today.

Not the taste of life, the taste for life.