Aug 2003 

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One red truck. one red blur. one red heart.

It all unfolded. i made a mistake again. but love is full. here it is. i will fully commit myself. i will fully respect you. i will love like i never have before. there is beauty in our relationship that is to be opened. i am here for that. my love. your love. our love. together. committed. i am recommitting myself. you're the love of my life. in love.

Let me call you august. may it be a symbol of our love, of our companionship, of our commitment. the teachings goes on. i read this today. i have been reading this for a while. the most valuable lessons in life have come to my lately. i've chagned my life. i've changed my attitude. i've changed my lifestyle. i long to love those around me. to find peace and happiness, to search for it, to talk about life, talk about death, talk about aspirations and love and passion and memories and joy and love and love and love!

Without love this world would not work.

I also understand the power and love of family.

I don't want to jump from rock to rock.

I've always had one foot already out the door.

I'm tired. i'm tired of the fantasy. i'm tired of work. i'm not tired of you.

I was in the shower...then i went and walked in it and thought of you, your beauty, your essence.

I don't want to belong to noone. i don't want to belong to anyone. i don't want to belong to everyone. but i want to belong to somone.

There's a wall built up around my love. open the door. let it out. it's love. it's love.

I walk along. my heart is dripping wet. my heart is spewing love. my heart is turning love over and over. my heart is an oil rig that just struck the richest fields of love. i walk along and it drips behind me. a puddle wherever i walk. i want to give it to you. there is so much for us both. i don't want it to dry up in the sun behind me. love is dripping from my heart and soul. please be my sponge.

It's not sex, alcohol, boyfriends/girlfriends.

Wear truth on your shoulder. wear love. wear joy. wear peace.

The question is not what someone is waiting for. they're not waiting for anything. but the question is why are so many people rushing?


People should have hobbies, why don't they, is it because of the social frenzy.

The most meaningful touching moment of the summer. praying together. that was beautiful...beautiful.

The lifestyles are black and white, complete opposite. but on the level of the heart, mind, and spirit they are very similar.

I've always loved her in red.

The most beautiful four hours.

Tonight's a dream come true in a fairytale sort of way. thank you.

Sleep well. love well.

It's warm, hot off the grill of my heart, because it's love.

It's not the words that make it powerful, it's powerful because the source is love.

It's not the maximum amount of pleasure achieved, but the maximum gain of pleasure that is achieved. the happiness gap is also the wealth gap. better to have everyone fifty percent happy than fifty percent fully happy and fifty percent completely unhappy.

Walking in.

The will to live.

Everything is still...almost everything, my heart is still beating.

Solemn, but loving.

Hopeful, but crying.

Lonely, but thankful.

I dreamed of giving that gift, i dreamed, and dreamed, and dreamed. i was poor, and poor at heart.

Live well, love well.

Different from the last.


Taking out the acorns.

When you write...sweat.

A little close to home now.

Don't forget that so many of the things you want to know are only a question away.

Not so much love, not as much as the will to love. it's not so much livng, as it is the will to live.

Not tight, loose.

Another full year, absolutely no idea what it's going to bring. it's going to be amazing no matter what.

Yo yo, spark it to the diddy-b.

Pimpville green, but i want is red.

Pumpin' out the air, fill the sky with yellow.

Where the air is cool and the breeze flows through, i'm out about with two.

Fair weather comes, and enthusiasm was high with the presence of love, in love.

Intimate and low key, with a badge on my back.

An iced mocha to top things off.

She touched my hair, that's been a while.

It's good to make someone's day, really really good.

The integrity of character.

It's not a matter of being good persay, just put in everything you've got, be sincere in your efforts.

Life is always good at the heart of things.

Still for a nap, but the world moves just as fast, don't stay still for too long.

Carved and charged, baby, carved and charged.

Everyone is asking, but nothing to tell, nothing but love incase someone wants to hear.

Our silly little dependencies.

The will to love is still found where love is not.


It's the coconut milk on my mango.