Feb 2013 

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There is lots to put ketchup on.

He's a man of constant sorrow, and so what if he is?

I bleed for this city!

If I had nothing else going on I'd be happy to have this going on.

If you aren't fruitin', you're just veggin'.

Kick something hard.

When all else fails, shave.

Come back when you know something.

I wonder if she's gone to the wishing well.

I dig you, and you're nice to me.

This ain't the skinny love, this love is fat.

I know you like bunnies, but I prefer hunnies.

Pajamas are lame, it's either look good or be naked, wait a second...

It's been a long time since I've used the word coefficient in a sentence.

Your memory is greedy.

It's a separate thought, but you're welcome to eat it as passionately as you'd like.

By fine measure.

And the dominoes begin to fall.

When the odometer turns over two digits tonight.

From special to any other weekend, just like that.

Can we mash our spuds together?

When my cherry valentine arrives.

In this moment I believe I am one of the most fortunate and luckiest people in the world, and there is no greater birthday present than that.

The girl who's the most patient is the girl who gets the ring.

I've got all the tasty things.

Winner of games.

Restless ambition.

Called it.

The best of me is still the rest of me.

It wouldn't be my favorite day without a little bit of burn.

Beer me once then beer me again.

I forgot what it's like to wear magic.

Building a crane so I can get higher.

Flexing my content arm.

This planning stuff doesn't suit me, I just want to get to work now.

Less penalties, more winning. Coincidence?

The paradox of achievement, one would think that achievement is intrinsically good.

Hustle harder, hustle smarter, hustle longer. Choose one, I don't care which.

One small part of me has a permanent place around here.

I'm pretty good at it ... on Tuesdays.

Love me once, yay for me. Love me twice, yay for me again.

I am the maker of happy.

Rough nights, smooth mornings.

Every girl looks prettier in the snow.

I better be cautious or else I'll find myself outside of the friend zone.

It is not the person who said it, but the person who inspired it, that deserves the credit.

I am always available for grabs.

Over the creek and through the woods.