Jun 2012 

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Trying to navigate your own heart is no easy task, not to mention somebody else's.

Seams are busting wide open.

If I knew it was going to work like that I would have been a lot more specific.

Maybe I am.

Making my improvements.

And I'm the boy.

I just wrote that.

Ain't no dish big enough for this casserole.

Take the cheesecake.

Gotta earn that chocolate milk.

Stop spending money, start spending time.

And maybe I got it all wrong to begin with.

Left out in the dessert sun and running out of water.

I hope your day is especially naughty since mine can't be.

Bottom of the ninth, two outs, bases loaded, down by five, and I'm on deck.

All my love is gathering.

I don't know how to swim, but I jumped into the deep end of the pool anyway.

Another banana break may be near.

Dirty thirty.

Never stop creating.

Monkey math works.

Back to boring, with intention.

I'm not ready to concede, just want to regroup and go back after it.

It's hard knowing exactly what you did right, but knowing where you failed is usually very clear.

She was the glue.

Playing for keeps.

The fire still burns.

Getting ready for another round.

And then there was one.

Finally, I'm all about something once again, but this time I can't figure it out.

Sqrop it and lock it.

I want to show you the best of me.

She filled it all.

So, this is how it's going to be.

Am I sure? I have no idea, but the one thing I am sure of...

If Bugsy wasn't emo from time to time, Bugsy wouldn't be Bugsy.

Dreams aplenty.

It's so hard because I see so much good.

I miss the days when my phone would ring.

This is the world that was built for two.

Let's talk all night like teenagers would.

And because there were so many RPF weekends.

Because it was better than anything I ever knew.

Commencing exit strategy.

I need an example, otherwise I'm going to believe it's all talk.

I dated Superwoman.

Build where the world is going, not the present, and certainly not the past.

I just keeping wishing.

They are only half human, at best.

Shake it off.

Tired of tricking myself.

Will you be my partner person?

One step at a time, literally.

It's a way cooler dream than all the others on my big dream list, all the others are more of the same.

I'm not front anymore, baby.

Put those in your pocket for the next time I see you.

I hate when good conversation has to end prematurely.

Every six months.

In my fast car, accelerating towards dead man's curve.

Got my hot dog back.

When it's going on, it's going on.

I'm the ghost in the darkness. Always there, sometimes heard, but never seen.

Rocket trout.

Stare down the needle.

Let their mistakes be your lessons.

That's radass.

Gah! That is all of my thoughts summed up into three letters and a punctuation mark.

Families and friendlies.

Instead of graham crackers, may I suggest, peanut butter cookies for your next s'more.