Sep 2007 

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Logging my travel time in alaska.

The day i left.

I did i did i did the iditarod trail.

The amount of rain and amount of work accomplished have always seemed to have a direct relationship.

At the end of the road i finally meet my wanderlust.

I'll meet you at the fork in the road.

Alaska is the one state that everyone u.s. citizen needs to visit in his or her lifetime.

When you're not sure where else to go, choose plan b.

Never doubt plan b.

Exactly one year out of michigan.

The most anticipated day of the year.

Late train, early nap, and anxious anxious.

The unfamiliar has become the familiar and the familiar has become the unfamiliar.


I know i've been here before, but for a year i've had the feeling that i never have.

The last stranger.

With greater age comes greater appreciation.

The first book request and not enough time in southern indiana.

Thinking a year ago today.

Can i get some squirrel with my rice and beans.

Welcome to the mack attack.

Home, where the air is fresher.


A dream come true for two.

Those sweet words, home sweet home.

One year later, ten years older.

Gas of change.

Sick of change or change of sick.

Home in the mind-set of the year.

I went to look for america, i found it over and over again.

Michigan seems like a dream to me now.

Return date.

Taking out what i'm taking in.

If i can inspire just one.

One last drive, too late.

The anti climatic end of a well-lived story.

I feel lost.

The apple core.