Aug 2007 

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That's pretty awesome.

I hve a lot of songs that make me think of what you must think to be you thinking of me

I'm so confused with your life, it hurts my face.

I want to be a garbage man because i'll make one hundred dollars.

Only possibilities.

A pretty punny guy.

In the end you start thinking about the beginning.


A daily journal coming up on its sixth birthday, it might be time for a break, it has become only a chore in the background.

I'll see you in the morning, but i won't be seeing you.

The wake up call.

Fffffffffffkibvort xd biue44wsweeeeeee3eeee.

One of those times, those funny funny times, tears were on the verge.

Go to hawaii for mexican food, ohio for a philly cheese steak, oregon for a rocky mountain oyster, and wyoming for a pasty.

I believe, and greatly fear, that my large red duffle bag that has been with me for many months is starting to smell like a hockey bag, and believe me i know what a hockey bag smells like.

I wouldn't sell my experience for a million dollars.

One month to go.

Spelunk spelunk.

Spider throwing contest.

You can't become too attached to a business venture.

Making history with another first, banana split style.

Rock the fris.

Architecture by bike in one hundred degrees.

See you in the corn bloomington.

I'll be coming around indy when i come, i'll be coming around indy when i come, i'll be watching ballet and enjoying chihuly, i'll be coming around indy when i come.

Oh won't you bloom on me.

Putting the awk in sqawk.

A significant full circle.

Restauranting the right way.

Upside down at more miles per hour than i can count and sadly it feels as though i just can't handle it like i used to.

A reunion of sorts.

Ahh to push the off button.

The perfect wedding.

Photo giving.

Pack and circle.

Alas, alaska.

Losing my glacier virginity.

The single most amazing sight i have ever seen.

Welcome to prison.