Jun 2007 

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Too many i-feel statements and too many things falling through.

A dream for a dream.

May the wind always be at your back and the sun upon your face.

Grab yourself a calzone and recover.

On my way to maryland.

Having my own just imagine moments.

Top it with raspberry and vanilla.

There's the mall, and then there's the mall.

Getting my butt kicked one georgetown at a time.

A dinner with travelers, who in one way or another are all students for life.

Ah, the contrast of wander lust.

Six flavors of ice cream in five days, finally my trip is back on track.

I'm coming to the end of the tunnel, but the light is turned off on the other side.

Orange you gladys a beautiful day.

Day by day lamp fitting to hide pixels.


Ferry by fairy.

Yippie kay ye is ridonculous.

Arrive by night, depart by morn.

Dream by dream it's a fairytale.

Round three in a city that might also be home at one time or another.

Living ten thousand dreams.

I am being indecisive about being indecisive.

Two goodbyes that should be much longer lived.

Be easy.

The word far is only a measurement of how determined you are.

Nice clay.

Grilled corn and the best technique.

Worst traffic of the trip brings stress.

Comeback victory in darts.

Additional recovery necessary.

Plans of work and plans of play.

Swing with me.

The first few says it all.

It only takes three minutes to make it to dunkin donuts when you're in rhode island.

A grave and a big blue bug.

Safety in sand and water.

A celebertation dinner to some and a farewell dinner to others.