Apr 2007 

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The million-dollar wash and a tv personality.

The eleven million meanings of a paperclip.

Elvis and shiloh.

Food, munchies, eating, ate, eats.

I'm grabbing this dream by the horns and making it come true, this is the greatest day as a spartan and it's about to get better in two days.

Prepare a dream, we have hundreds, but the opportunity only comes once in a while.

The greatest day in my life as a spartan, as for so many others.

Front page for a day.

More sleep, less louis.

Four beds and four states in four nights.


What does that mean, i only own half the dictionary and pretentious is in the half i don't own.

Just making sure you emptied everything out of the thought box, i like to make sure i shake it all out i don't like to leave a single froot loop at the bottom of the box.

Spooky friday.

The wussification of america.

I better climb mount everest in the next forty-eight years, or else i'll have another foot to climb.

Tomorrow alabama, tomorrow's tomorrow mount everest.


And my prayers.

Good, if i was predictable i would be quite disappointed with myself.

You're not photogenic at all.

You're kind of creepy up close.

You should teach at the school of bugsyology, you'd really like it there.

Don't make me get formal on you and shake it like a robot.

Anything for another night and country living.

Bugsy the firefighter is born.

Geo wishes of softball prayers, or something like that.

The florida milestone is complete, encourage and give confidence and those around you will accomplish great things.

Today i do nothing.

Oh hey there mr. poet laureate.

Nice campus greens and weird campus buildings.

Yeah, i'm the guy in the yellow shirt, amongst all the black.

A day of experience equals a day of work, that means i'm more days behind than i am ahead and depending on my memory.

Dragon cabinet.

The beach i will and the beach i won't.

And in the keys...

And onward, to the southern most.

Will there ever be a last long drive, probably not, and there's always home.