Mar 2007 

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Society was different at that time, but love wasn't any different.

It's on, it's off, it's on, it's off, that's just part of the trip, not a big deal, i see it all the time.

If i only had as much room as a dorm room, that would be like a mansion compared to living in a car.

My vacation.

Pepper anyone, has anyone seen my pepper.

Something i once knew years ago is new again.

What if they made m&ms in the shape of squirrels.

Hey nice advertising degree, how about we go on a date.

This nation bleeds green.

I prefer the crazy raisins.

I'm boring as a whole, it works better if you break me down.

Is that a yahtzee in your pocket or are you just happy to see me.

There has never been a creative thinker who thinks he or she is not a creative thinker.

These windows are crying.

When i saw the scuff marks on the ceiling and wondered how they got there, it made me think of some more topics for you.

All you need to do is sustain it until your heart's content.

I've got news for you sweetheart and you might not like it, you're just too cool for school.

My favorite thing to do now is drive, an open road where i have no destination and no schedule, when i have a family of my own we're going to take afternoon drives to nowhere everyweekend, afternoon drives to nowhere.

Who ever draws a picture of the last thing i photographed wins a new car.

Red hair, had an advertising class with my roomate, love to take pictures.

How is it down there in the millions.

South by south weird.

From lake view to red stick.

No luck of the irish today.

Oh alright, not a problem, my luck was just a day short, i guess that's not a big deal.

When it rains it pours, y'know.

Darn, turns out that was just a tease.

Not knowing if i'm going to have a place to sleep tonight or the next say is one of the more stressful feelings i've ever known.

Thanks for the save, we'll start it with crawfish and jambalaya.

Looking for energy.

I don't believe in plans, i just believe in being prepared.

You can do better than leaving louisiana on a good note, you can leave it on a crawfish pie.

Kindergarten buzzer shot.

A flag that means more to me than i can explain.

A dollar short of fear.

The six-hundred mile surprise.

Are there any stores where a fellow can buy a new ear around here, a left one to be precise.

They must have invented the hokey pokey here.

Are there any stores where a fellow can buy a new knee around here, a left one to be precise.

No owls here.

Of course i would rather be at the bottom of the barrel, c'mon sweetie, everyone knows that diamonds don't float.