Feb 2007 

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The first day of the best month of the year... and i'm sick, just great.

The second day of the best month of the year... and i'm bored and lazy, just great.

Small town, big life, just right.

My sister town.

Is that a commercial in your pocket or are you just happy to see me.

How about that rain, isn't there a football game going on somewhere too.

A little community and a lot of personality.

Nice thumbs.

The icicles are melting, bring out the shorts.

Thanks for the packages, no really, it means a lot.

Mmm apple lasagna and wednesday margaritas.

Crazy ideas lead to crazier ideas which lead to crazier things that happen.

To write or to live.

What the heck, my shampoo is frozen.

Know what it's like to try and stuff that last pair of jeans into a full duffel bag, where you have to zip each side up to try and get it in there and stuff it hard in as you think the zipper is about to bust. that's exactly how my brain feels with information and awe on this trip as I try to stuff more and more in without getting a bigger duffel bag and just hoping that the zipper won't break and can hold it all, c'mon brain you can do it.

The u.s. map will never look the same to me, it will always be bursting with images and memories in every corner.

The home of orbiting, there are to be no hairballs in sight.

No such thing as a normal day.

Spending valentine's day in the back of a police car, the best tour i've ever had of a city.

The coolest valentines box ever.

The home of a college coffee shop, but this one is for you.

Boring is not a characteristic of locations and places and towns, it is a characteristic of people.

Oh c'mon, it can't be that bad, just a few inches.

Shawshank redemption, pizza, live music with a chai tea, cold stone, and indiana jones, that's what i call a good night.

Ollie ollie oxen.

If i knew any better i would think i was at home.

A new beauty has been found, the natural state.

The first email.

Nothing is harder than motivating action.

How often does it happen that someone dials the wrong number, and the person who answers has the same name as the person you were trying to call.

This is awesome and not the generic awesome, but the very strong awesome that focuses on the awe.

Aww now you're two fruits in one day.

No, it's the red that just screams for a photograph.

I don't know what i don't know, so how can i know.

The happiest days i've ever known. life has never been so good.

Nice record.

It's an honor to meet you i just wanted to shake your hand.

I'm hoping i can influence a country (or a world) to look beyond just seeing someone as a stranger.

A single postcard can change a life.

I'm a regular window shopper at the road trip store.

My mind is a pretty little mess, and i love it just that way.

I can't skateboard like i used to, but i'll be doing kickflips until i'm eighty.