Jan 2007 

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A brand new morning, day, week, month, and year, to start with new health, new adventure, and new friends, it's going to be a year to remember.

A big bridge, a bigger dam, and a whole lot of lights, a day without story, but with lots of visual evidence.

American ant hill.

Snow block.

Dreaming by day is more important than dreaming by night.

Aww bugsyless.

How was my new year, i don't know, it's only the fifth day.

Diner hopping, and one day i'll be a regular, which i can't wait.

My life is a series of projects.

I tried to be different and found it to be a waste of time.

But he tells everyone that, i'm just the gullible one who decides to believe it.

It doesn't mess people up, drugs mess people up, ...life straightens people out.

It may be twenty years before i truly discover the meaning of this trip, and also, never in my life will i be able to summarize this year in my life.

Trying to be a sponge.

Think, feel, laugh.

Dear grandmother and grandfather.

Fresh off the fruit press.

As long as everyone knows where the fruit originated.

Want to write my blog for me tonight, just write some random stuff about mesa verde, the four corners, and my new host family.

Cheated fruit.

Only cropped through the lens.

My medication is mint chip ice cream.

One day at a time just ilke everybody else.

Jackass two, star wars, master and commander, little miss sunshine, ant bully, crank, animal, forest gump, lord of the rings.

One print and i could pay off student loans and buy a car all while eating very well.

You know how there are those certain words that you remember exactly where or when you learned them, i learned the word desperate from watching the movie home alone.

Apple burritos and dashboard drivers.

I jeep road trips.

Tonight i learned that rubber gloves are swift, cigarette burns are witty, cacti are silent, and glazed donuts are more irresistible than freedom.

It's the word i'm thinking of but i can't think of.

National beans coming my way.

Brodeo, a deal between good friends for a great price.

Breckenridge amp.

Fried twinkies are way better than rockey mountain oysters.

Aspen invasion.

Can you hold my squirrel.

It has become a dream, within a dream, within another dream.

The notorious h.i.t.

Funny quote, terrible reality.

Here's the sunshine but where's the warmshine.

I want some green and white skate shoes.