Dec 2006 

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Big apple style with the 'rents.

Chasing the sun, east coast rise, west coast set.

Kung fuey.

Living hard with no rest in sight.

Tropical invasion tour.

Wow, a sunburn in december, that's a first.

The sixty-fifth.

That's how all women are, i know 'dis, i know 'dis.

Love from the state of aloha.

One slice at a time.

Ah yes, i remember how to drive.

Blissed and gone from navy and above.

Progress, something that i made when you're not being told to do this or that and everything else.

That is one of the most puddest things you have ever said.

One cocoa puff please.

Would you rather be beavered.

I'll have that supersized and can i get the seasoned for sixty-nine cents more.

So 'das what huli maka huli mean.

Mainland graces.

Hanging our with mr. yacht club.

Tiger and friends.

Rad, sweaters, ski boots, greasy hair, mustaches, and the most gnarly group of brothers in the world.

Well that's sort strange, a los angeles song pops up out thousands, and oh yeah, wait, i'm in los angeles, and catch this, tracy comes on while drive on chapman road, nifty beans.

Ridin' hicks style.

The cotton swab theif.

Yoopers whining that arizona is too cold, wimps.

Midwest represent.

Check that goal off the list, and while you're at it can somebody get her phone number.

On the eighty-nine.

Rocket ship.

Host number three.

Some things just aren't the same away from home.

Christmas on the road, hundreds and hundreds of miles from home, but with kind people to take me in.

Bathroom blitz.

A sunny day and a rainy check, this one will have to wait a day.

These reverse ATMs work really well.

Money is like water in this city. yeah, but this is a desert, so think again.

Red rocks are red rocks wherever they may lay, unless they're standing.

Chaos from afar where the only thing is a little relaxation, and on the side a whole lot to look forward to in a brand new year, oh yeah, and that celebration thingy.