Nov 2006 

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My second blood bleeds blue and orange.

Cheers. to bonding with a bunch of new friends that i can't stop thinking about.

Family afar.

Making plans for my honeymoon.

Afternoon hikes, evening films, and big packages with the world's best sweetrolls.

Grrr i could fall in love with this girl if i look over at her one more time. and she doesn't even know it, isn't that crazy.

Rain, rain, go away, come back another day.

A little bit of stress to brush off.

Everything except sleepless in seattle.

Food is a hometown pride anywhere you go.

That really makes me want some stuff. well, thanksgiving is coming soon and that means lots of stuff-ing.

Hey, those are my parents, how do i drive all the way to seattle and see pictures of my parents.

The pinnacle is at the ocean.

The roseburg trick.

Logging and then some puddle butt.

Hey ladies, i'm about six foot two inches on the radio.

My taste of what they call reality.

My taste of not having to think all day.

Random acts of kindness have never been so huge.

My taste of what they call rocky mountain oysters.

Lazy morning, lazier afternoon, laziest evening drive.

This stuff is huge, gigantic, enormous, and all i could ever want since i was a little kid, one dream and destination come true.

The driving tour arrives in san jose.

Walking, slower, and slower, and slower, but who thought in a million years this is how i would meet people from my hometown years down the road.

A sushi treat, with possible the best sushi chef ever, at least the funniest.

This is what i know of california, this is the magazine that i grew up to.

A little trouble never hurt anyone, except for that one, and that one, and all those other people over there.

Thanksgiving with strangers, that's how some people look at it, turns out it's thanksgiving with a dozen new friends.

Turkey nuts.

New tastes, new places, and new ideas.

Live love enjoy.

Overwhelmed with overwhelment.

I do, and it's the most busy, hectic, crazy one i've ever had.

It what family is.

Variety with ernie and larry.

Writing from thirty-nine thousand miles high.

My greatest accomplishment, but with more to come.