Oct 2006 

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Adventure syndrome.

Going back to kindergarten.

Take it easy on me.

I understand how close people can get in a few days, and i'm not surprised that there were a few drops, it's a pretty cool thing.

What i lack in genetics i can make up for in personality.

If only there were more tumbleweeds.

Hey baby, i'm one half bugsy and three quarters sexy, that's right, that's an extra quarter of sexy, and you can spend it anyway you'd like.

I would kill two bulls and a rabbit for something like that.

I'd like to say that my pen was inspired, but i just can't say that when typing.

Sometimes a bug, sometimes a windshield.

No fair, i want to be googleable.

Stranger or potential friend, half empty or half full, weren't all your friends strangers once.

I have never heard of someone to die from a moment of silence, and until then i'm not going to worry about it.

A change of scenery, a chance of environment, and a whole lot of land.

Living off the land.

Missed opportunity.

She's a scenic woman.

There's always room for ice cream, it just fills in the holes.

They were reguttering.

I wish i knew how to burp.

Jennifer love hewitt, i saw you on jay leno tonight and i have to say i have a huge crush on you.

Whip weader.

I've never seen a speed table.

How come ya take dem girls to da picture show, but ya take us to da gravel pit.

What happened to the hat you lost.

Did you run out of blinker fluid.

Pitty potty party.

Parkinson's degrees.

The 'L' made a right hand.

I put it on twenty-four hours this day.

A perfect record.

Getting warm in the hot springs.

Parkinson eucalyptus episcopalian.

My day.

Killer combo reunion.

Let me guess, you saw a sprinkled frosted doughnut get run over by a fourty year old guy driving a powerwheels.

Always on their toes and ready to strike a pose.

For miles and miles and miles.

You better shape up, boop boop boop.

What do you get when you put seven college kids together dressed in green from head to toe, you get gangrene, oops, i mean gang green.

We're marinating.

The best worst day ever, but the worst part only lasted for a shor time, stupid hamburger, you defeated me.

No, he did good.