Sep 2006 

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From a dream to reality.

On the road again, or at least for the very first time which will be again, again, and again.

To experience this i must be quick to listen and slow to speak.

Imagine if quilting season was only two weeks long.

An elderly husband says to his wife... if you die doing what you love to do you're going to die talking.

We spent more time on his dime than mine.

Holy mud, i wouldn't know what to do with all that.

If you're staying with different people and cultures does that mean you have to eat bugs.

The cows are lining up for recess.

From here there will no longer be anything familiar.

Most people are fake.

Animals are better than people.

Artificial colors and flavorings are bad for you.

Many opportunities come by wandering and exploring aimlessly.

Strawberry oreo custard.

Let's relate to each other during our everyday lives.

There's a lot bigger picture that needs to be looked at here outside of museums and tours, which i knew going into this, but have to dig harder to discover.

Is that a camera in your jacket or are you just happy to see me.

I'm not even barking, i'm in the middle of the desert, there's not a tree in site.

The pimpo.

Orange custard chocolate chip.

Honorary sconnie.

This has become an unexpected learning experience.

Peanut butter on a jelly sandwich, i must be going crazy.

Kindness upon kindness.

Knocking off the to do list one chunk at a time.

Brownie ala mode.

Without courtesy and kindness none of this would be possible.

Yoopers unite.

How a car is made, from steel to the dealer in only a matter of hours.

Japan comes to iowa.

Bridges versus the sunset, sunset wins this time.

It doesn't matter where you go, the locals always think that their weather is the most bizarre weather around.

I don't like the phrase "supposed to," it's just not necessary, unless you're supposed to eat ice cream, that's acceptable.

In minnesota i feel right at home.

Restoring my youth.

I'm going towards the light but i can't see a thing.

The beer versus the taser.

You may have your twenty-five million reasons mr. football player, but all i need is one or two.

Chinese heaven or floor twenty seven.

I'm enjoying one big glorious bite of the world and taking a long time to swallow.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, oh, oh wow, yeah yeah, well that's good news, yeah, yeah.

Sorry for almost killing you lastnight.