Jul 2014 

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All I ask is for a chance to do my thing.

It has always been about making and creating.

You are so good at life.

Fewer hotels, more people.

The more strangers you meet, the more friends you make.

Get American.

I came, I saw, I skipped.

Small goal, big achievement. You'll never achieve a goal you don't set.

So this is why we were best friends.

Fun hangover.

I may never be rich with money, but I will always be rich with experiences.

Hey girl, I really like your burrito.

Let's get awkward.

People are always looking at what stimulates creativity, but ignoring what stifles creativity, making a lot of the effort useless.

Rain, you stressin' me out.

Your mind works well.

Anytime someone flips me off my reaction is laughing and smiling because I assume it has to be someone I know being funny.

Cup World.

Be nice and make nice things.

More like Bluesday.

One step, two step, three step, BURRITO!

Don't suck.

I had forgot what it's like to be a winner.

You don't always have to swim hard, sometimes you just need to doggy paddle.

Now I understand that your affection needed to be earned.

If you're not having fun making it, people aren't having fun consuming it.

Don't forget to go outside.

I want to start a Cottage Cheese Club. It will be a cheese club that meets at a cottage.

There's an amazing part to the human brain that allows us to remember the good and forget the bad.

Have I already felt everything I'm ever going to feel?

With every person we greet, acknowledge that they too our facing adversity of some kind, and our perspective changes for the better.

Life is a placebo.

I really do like long walks on the beach, I take them all the time ... by myself.

A tale of lines and lies.

This is your circus.

Your heart has a beautiful patina.

Perhaps it is all for naught.

Got this emo thing down.

Stick to doing what you do and being unique, because there will always be people suggesting how to do it the way everyone else is doing it.

What's up is up and what's down is down.

The struggle is real.

Stop asking if and start asking how.

Under and in.