May 2012 

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To the moon and back.

Learning to slow down.

With each day that passes...

Another day, another revelation.

The difference between good and incredible is right there.

Lighter, faster, better.

Everything else is on pause.

I lost the upper hand long ago.

The size of my heart can be a curse, but not nearly as big of a curse as not letting people know what's inside it.

Get to know drama in high school, don't get obsessed with it and certainly don't avoid it, but you need at least a little taste.

Bring back the wowsers.

Is there a Game Genie for this?

Tonight I bit off more than I could chew.

Vertical minute now has an entirely new meaning.

Also, I too would like to repeat that morning a few more times.

If there was ever a place to bring me back to where I am emotionally, this is it.

One board at a time.

Can a friend be the glue?

Life is as fast now as it's ever been.

Shell shattered, hers for the taking.

Emotions and thoughts have been exhausted–for now.

Sempre avanti.

It's time to wear my muzzle.

Even my idol taught me about this.

I only know what I know.

Be my check and balance.

The better the day, the harder the night.

Lots of quality hugs going to waste right now.

The debut.

The fine line of confidence and stupidity.

Machine mode.

She, she, she.

A weekend of relapse.

I'm a man meant to be on the open road.

Not enough to keep her here.

Please, don't let it stop.

This May weather really has me in a boxing mood.

The highlight was just a glimpse of the lowlight.

I think it's because we learn so much from one to the next, what did and didn't work, what we do and don't need, and each time the bar is set a little higher, increasing the fall.

The tug of war returns.

There's a battle going on.

I know a good book when I touch one.

So much of happiness comes back to choosing to be so.

Everyday there's at least one thing that hits me, and today...

Just how fantastical is it?

Looking for a willow tree, an oak tree will do.

What works for them isn't going to work for us.

Sorry, there's only one girl in this town sweet enough to produce honey.

If I can't be entirely in the situation, then maybe I should just remove myself entirely.

I made it to the Stanley Cup Finals and I don't know if I'll ever get back, all I ask for is a chance.

Less about me.

This is going to hurt like hell.

How on Earth did I buy four pairs of shoes this month when I haven't bought four pairs of shoes in the last seven or eight years?

Get less good at it.

Leaving it to my imagination from here.

All other conversations seem unsatisfying.

Now with less fat.

With all my imaginary friends.

Helping people rediscover their roots.

Being overly forgiving has made so many things better in my life.

I miss us.

There must be a better way.

On the brink of destruction.

It's getting darker in here.

The reset button isn't working.

Higher than it should be, but lower than it could be.

I hope that wasn't my only chance.

Going to spend some time at the bottom of the ocean.

Sometimes thinking of the good seems to be just as destructive as thinking about the bad.

There are few things that are more fun than sticking stickers.

Push hard, because even with a loss I'll end up at option number two.

Hey baby, I want your French toasts.

Hindsight can be a real pest sometimes, now would be one of those times.

One third healthy.

The balanced life, it's right there.

I look forward to a day where ice cream shops are open as late as bars.

It's all so tiny.

Monkey hugs for the win.

Only one thing is larger.

To me, there may be nothing more therapeutic than driving.

One brat-tastic day.

I'll have another.

The Gandhi test comes to life.

What I would give to be doing this every day again.

Fresh ambition.

Leaving your phone home for the day is kind of like getting mail, because you don't know what's there waiting for you.


Carry it through.

Robots don't hug you back.

I don't know, dude, but that's ok.

I just let out the last inch of string on my kite.