Oct 2001 

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I'm heart felt and longing for love, a struggle will not keep me down. from adversity we thrive, from adversity we grow. our transgressions our only a beginning to a better day. may it be today that we love. may it be today that we forget to hate. a heart felt thank you goes out to hereos of every day. the people who simply say i love you. these tears will strengthen me. may i rest well tonight. may my soul, spirit, heart, mind and body strengthen! a genuine soul and spirit will not be overcome. today is glorious, as is everyday. i will love, i will be kind and compassionate. and for all america...in god we trust.

Proposal A...instead of bombing, or at least in addition, lets drop the 20,000 tons of steel and cement on their land. Should America really have to deal with that rubble? Lets make use of it

A tear is weakness lost, and a hole to fill with strength.

...rock beautifully.

If it doesn't make him a little nicer, it will at least make him a little more insane.

Begin living, never stop living, and always contiue to live greater

Sweet sweet california, let's go for a ride.

Sweet sweet california, out for out final strides.

Sweet sweet california, we're the ones who've tried.

An expert, just like anyone else, has much to learn.

Skate hard or die!

Smell what i'm steppin' in?

Pick up what i'm layin' down?

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

And another...

Just a reminder...

And maybe one more...

I hear that in ann arbor a marijauna ticket runs very cheap, that of a parking ticket, 20 bucks maybe, also they legalize it for week of hash bash. alright, here's the catch, a skateboarding ticket in ann arbor runs $140. i'm no expert, but is there something about that not making too much sense? since when is skateboarding a worse crime than marijauna?


It's just fun

To me, one of the best ways to acheive is by reflection. so many people miss the point, are dissapointed, are distracted, because they don't know how to reflect on themselves, or else simply reject it, because they see something they would not like to. my encouragement for the day is to reflect. there are so many things going on. take some time to sit back and acknowledge some of it.

How long has it been since you've wrote a hand written letter? sometimes i get disappointed because the individuality of handwriting is being pushed away by the dominence of e-mail. there may not seem to be any kind of difference to a lot of people. for most people...a hand-written letter is much more rewarding than an e-mail. take some time to write a letter. reach over and grab a pen and some paper. people will love to hear from you in a different way. that is sometimes the essence of it...its not done that often, but when it does its very rewarding due to people not expecting.

...and it was all yellow! what a bellow color. nothing makes me feel brighter, sweeter, happier, and more blissful. what a true color.

Technology...every day something new is being developed. what i wonder is...do we have to come out with absolutely everything thats possible? what is the rush for technology? what is the rush in america? there is so much already available to us that people don't even use potentially. it seems that whenever a new technology is available, people demand it. what is the need? can we be content with what we have? i think we can. i'm not knocking technology by any means, i love it just as much as anyone. but must we become infatuated with it? it would be nice to see people more relaxed. there is not always a need to be succeeding...there is more to life than that success and advancement. and before we can do any of that we must know where we are. how can we do that when were in such a fast pace?

Two greatest books in the world: the bible and the dictionary....start reading.

A piece of rocking: give hugs

A piece of rocking: smile

A dozen roses....$40

A movie for two....$10

A dinner for two....$35

A night with the woman you love...priceless

Photographing roseate glamour